Daily Archives: April 7, 2023

Warning – Repeat Events & VIP Season Pass “Exclusive” Character

Just a reminder to check you don’t have the VIP “exclusive” character  before you purchase the VIP Pass. For example as I noted in a previous post in this repeated event it is Witch Neil who was already available as part of a cash bundle. So please be sure you don’t have the character as you’ll only get 100 clams as the top prize if you do! Thanks to regular commenter BigDaddy for prompting me to put this warning up.


Ways to contact the Family Guy: Quest For Stuff game support team…

Hi Clammers!

With a lot of glitches and issues ongoing in our games I wanted to post a quick reminder of the ways players can contact game support.

There’s still a dedicated email support for the game, and this is how you can request support and help from TinyCo. Remember to include full details of your issue and your PlayerId.

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