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Warning – Repeat Events & VIP Season Pass “Exclusive” Character

Just a reminder to check you don’t have the VIP “exclusive” character  before you purchase the VIP Pass. For example as I noted in a previous post in this repeated event it is Dancer Stewie who was already available as a VIP Season Pass. So please be sure you don’t have the character as you’ll only get 100 clams as the top prize if you do!


Multiverse Week 1

Click the links below to see this week’s event posts.

Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Alternative Lifestyles
Side Questline – Lumberjack Lois
Side Questline – Hotline Peter
Side Questline – Beauty Pageant Stewie
FaceSpace Sets – None as yet
Addicts Area

Multiverse Event is here again….. and yes it is a repeated event….

Please note this is a repeat of the Multiverse event from 2019. And the VIP character sees the return of Dancer Stewie, there is nothing completely new this week.