Multiverse Event is here again….. and yes it is a repeated event….

Please note this is a repeat of the Multiverse event from 2019. And the VIP character sees the return of Dancer Stewie, there is nothing completely new this week.



6 responses to “Multiverse Event is here again….. and yes it is a repeated event….

  1. Cherry Bakewell

    Ah, right. Thank you. I was noticing this event made no sense and should’ve looked here sooner. It’s usually possible to play the game pretty much on autopilot these days, but without anything to unlock in this event progress against the ‘prize catalog’ items has been waaaaaay toooooo sloooooow.

    Similarly, I actually finished the previous event (very early) without being aware it was essentially a repeat. However, earning the 600 extra event currency that would be needed for the 3 optional items was effectively out of reach (whereas I usually complete events with 1000s of excess currency). I did scrape together 200 currency for 1 item before the final end though!


  2. My second repeat ever lol also glad your back and you’re mom is ok


  3. I’m guessing they are just phasing out the game, simply repeating old events instead of making new content. Lasted longer that I expected, but it is what it is.

    The main problem is these events aren’t designed to work correctly if you have the already have the characters. When you have to work to get the characters, you can see all of the characters needed to get items to unlock the characters, and usually their tasks earn event currency, which is used to buy buildings, which is needed to advance the quests. Also, some quest parts require you to have a certain amount of event currency to move on. But, if you have already the week’s characters, you can’t easily find all of the other characters that drop currency.

    It’s fine if you have all of the characters for the event, but is say you never got the last week character, you still need to progress through through the previous weeks. Reusing old events like they are doing just breaks them.

    Plus, although it says I already have lumberjack Lois, I’ll be darned if I can find her. Not in Tan Lines, not in QHS, and doesn’t seem to be a Lois costume. Spend 1/2 hour trying to find a character I supposedly already have.


  4. A mini event and full event in a row being repeated/recycled with no new content or new characters – is this a sign that the game is coming ro an end? It would be nice to know now so we could give up and spend some time on something more satisfying if there is nothing new to come…


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