Daily Archives: April 29, 2023

Tell Jam City what you want, what events or characters you’d like to return

Hi all.

Hope you’re all well, I’m good, and my mum is recovering well, thanks once again for all your kind comments.  Anyway we’ve had a little downtime in the game with 2 old events making a return. This has happened before so doesn’t mean the game is over.


But whilst we’ve some time I got to thinking what if you could choose the event to repeat or characters to return, what or who would it/they be?


What The Deuce!!!

Happy Weekend Clammers! Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not. Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting. Censor yourselves so we don’t have to!!  

Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂