Warning – Repeat Events & VIP Season Pass “Exclusive” Character

Just a reminder to check you don’t have the VIP “exclusive” character  before you purchase the VIP Pass. For example as I noted in a previous post in this repeated event it is Dancer Stewie who was already available as a VIP Season Pass. So please be sure you don’t have the character as you’ll only get 100 clams as the top prize if you do!


15 responses to “Warning – Repeat Events & VIP Season Pass “Exclusive” Character

  1. Other than pulling every character out of Tan Lines and/or QHS and sifting through them one by one, how does one tell whether they have Dancer Stewie or not? Not finding him listed in FaceSpace? Or just getting thoroughly confused scrolling through it (eerily like what it is based on out here in the real world…).

    I’m one of those that decided to part with the real cash on the VIP and see where it goes, I think I added up over 900 clams looking at it and it’s a bargain compared to normal clam prices.


  2. I disagree. Check how many of the vip season pass characters you have already collected this event. The vip pass only costs 400 clams this time, not 600. You might end up profiting. I know I will. I have them all, so I will gain over 500 clams.


  3. Not sure if my comment posted. Are they running out of ideas? This is now back to back events with a lot of repeat elements.


  4. Are they running out of ideas? Back to back events that seem to have several repeat elements.


  5. Back to back repeated events. Are they finally giving up on this game?


  6. 2 events in a row are repeats.WTD? Is the game finished?


  7. Is this the new norm? I just read an article about the shake up at Jam City. Futurama WOT shurs down on April 20th. Just curious.


    • FWOT has been in hibernation for a few years so was just matter of time. But this game is still one their main ones and we’ve had repeats before so I’m not too worried


      • An article I read on line did rate FGQFS #8 among popular downloaded games. I am just worried about spending money on something going into “hibernation”. The shut down of FWOT did not surprise me. I wish there was a way Jam City could archive the characters and inventory like Topps Archive keeps discontued Digital Cards collections accessible to collectors to view. I’m a Boomer. Collecting stuff is kind of our thing. FWOT shutting down is like losing a collection.


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