Multiverse Season Pass – A quick look at the potential clam return

Before I start I want to repeat what I’ve said previously, for long term players, everything in this event’s Season Pass is returning, there is nothing new. But the cost is reduced in my games to 400 clams.

But the returning stuff you see on your VIP prize track may be worth it to you,  so you need to your decision on the content AND whether you’ll want to give your time to collect the XP over the next 3 weeks. But to help you along I’ve done this post highlighting some things.

So basically is it worth buying the VIP Season Pass with no new content? Well that is what I’m going discuss below based on the facts from my game.

Is there anything new in the VIP Season Pass?

No as I’ve mentioned all the prize track characters/costumes are returning content, but only you know what you have bought or earned previously.

Is it worth buying the VIP Season Pass if there is nothing new?

Well that depends on a few things, firstly whether you don’t have and want any of the returning characters or costumes, or the clams you receive instead AND whether you want to play the event over the next 3 weeks.

There’s 3 scenarios but ALL require you to have the enthusiasm to replay the event, as you’ll need to do this to collect the XP needed to move along the VIP prize track.

Scenario 1 – You don’t have some of the returning characters/costumes so for 400 clams you could pick up 5 returning characters/costumes.  That’s an ok return for 400 clams.

Scenario 2 – You don’t have some of the returning characters/costumes, so for 400 clams you could pick up a few of those and clams for those you already have, again at 400 clams you could break even.

Scenario 3 – You’ve already got all the returning characters/costumes, but again for 400 clams you could unlock VIP and pick up the clams you get instead of those. For me I could pick up 870 clams on the VIP track and 75 clams on the free track. So 945 clams are available for an outlay of 400, nice tidy profit to be made. Obviously if you do less of the track you can still end up in profit, for me getting to 1410 XP will make me back my 400 clams and 150 more.

BUT, and there’s always a King Butt, the rewards will only come if you put the time into the event to fill that 3500 XP needed to complete the track. Now for some I know up to 545 clam profit will be worth it but for others it may not, the decision is yours.

Worth remembering though is any Shrines you bought during the original Multiverse event are useless, they won’t drop the currency XP this time round.

Anyway be interesting to know if you’re going to go for the clams or not, tell us in the comments.



11 responses to “Multiverse Season Pass – A quick look at the potential clam return

  1. Cherry Bakewell

    Thanks – just seen this. Unsure I’ll be able to finish the event, since XP progress is slower when you already have the content, however it looked like a good risk for the rewards, so I took the gamble and paid the 400 clams.

    The first 3 repeat characters on the VIP prize track all gave me clams (150 + 200 + 200); therefore I already made a profit, even if I don’t reach the next milestone!


    • Cherry Bakewell

      Just finished the VIP prize track and claimed Dancer Stewie with only hours to spare. Props to TinyCo for this VIP package, it was great value; feels as though I made off like a bandit on this occasion!

      Incidentally, I’m now convinced that access to the fast forward feature is affected by how many unspent clams you have. It’s usually available to me, yet I’ve noticed it disappears whenever my available clams becomes too high. The limit for me seems to be somewhere around 1000-1300 clams.

      As a result, I actually splashed out 750 clams buying Kool-Aid man to get my fast forward access back during this event!

      He was the only remaining character in the store for me.

      Hey, another tip that I’ve realised over the last year, is that it’s sometimes worthwhile to check which mystery box prizes are still available after completing an event. The event drops are removed from the box and some other prizes may be unique, so this can (but not always) leave only the star character and clams remaining as prizes, making it a good deal if you just want to own the character (or win a few clams) and don’t care that it’s too late for them to help with the event!


  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been playing for 7 years and have never bothered with the VIP Pass. In this case I have ALL off the characters and costumes so just made a big clam profit with no effort.

    Now if I could just find away to earn more potions. Those are slow going this week.


    • yep. this is the first time in a very lng time that I will not complete the event (I’m still over 100 potions short for the last building).


  3. I also noticed that the VIP season pass was only 400 clams with a nice return investment of clams. I went ahead and bought it because I was missing a character and the final prize in the pass. It’s definitely not as fun with repeated material but I always like earning clams!


  4. For the first time since Season Pass was introduced I’ve gone ahead and bought it. I had a look at what was on offer and I knew I had 2 of the characters so I was getting back at least 350 clams from a 400 spend, and with then the free clams on top I would actually be slightly up at the end of the event.

    After I bought it I noticed i’ve actually got the Consuela and Babs Dancer characters too so i think by the end of the event I’ll actually have a nice clam profit.

    For long time players who probably have most of the characters it’s actually a worthwhile purchase to double your clams.


  5. Oh! I hadn’t spotted this pass was only 400 clams. I have been playing since game launch and it’s kind of in my dna to log in every 4 (waking) hours. I will be going for it


  6. Is this the first time this has happened? I’ve tried to do the math the last few events and i don’t remember it becoming a surplus.


  7. Hmm, a repeated mini event, followed by a repeated full event. I’ve been playing for about 7 years solid, so I’ve got most of the stuff already. I will still be playing, but might start losing interest is this trend continues.


  8. Nice. Thanks Squirrel Girl.


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