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Warning – Prom Night Dumpster Baby is NOT a character!!!

You’ll see the Prom Night Dumpster Baby in the store for 200 Clams, and I’m  concerned the high clam cost will make some of you think this is a new character, it’s not, it’s just a walking decoration that’s been available in the game before.

Wild Winter Phase 2 Returns…..

Okay, the new event, that’s actually an old event from last year continues.

If you will be playing along you’ll find all the Wild Winter phase 2 event posts HERE!!!


Wild Winter Event Returns…..

Okay, the new event, is actually an old event from last year, and I’m not sure what’s going on with it as I completed this event in my 2 main games, yet in 1 I’ve got to unlock the costumes again, but in my other game they are still there unlocked and no need to unlock.

I’m asking support what’s going on, and I’ll report back when I can. But it seems a deliberate move to rerun as they say in the event pop up “All your favourites are back!”

If you will be playing along you’ll find all the Wild Winter phase 1 event posts HERE!!! Please note there may be some changes from the original event, such as Penguin Brian drops Snowflake Socks.


Missing Fireworks…..

Players are reporting Fireworks they’ve collected are disappearing, and some are being awarded a quantity of medals instead. I’ve alerted support, here’s hoping we get a quick fix. But for those with the issue know you’re not alone.

The only advice I can give is contact support and don’t visit Ollieland, as it seems to be after doing this you’ll lose the Fireworks.


Random Pop Ups….

Just a heads up that there’s some random pop ups in the game, but thankfully they don’t seem to be causing any issues in my games.

So if you see a pop up that the Star Trek event is over, Asian Town is open or anything else, just okay it and play on. As I say doesn’t seem to be interrupting play, or anything for me but if it’s causing you issues let me know in the comments and contact support.

Consuela’s Vacuum is back….

Just to let you know Consuela’s Vacuum is back and is working fine in my games.

As well as the return of this much missed feature there’s a  little gift of 15 Clams from Jam City to apologise for the issues.

Peter will trigger this with a one part quest.

Simply click on Go and you’ll see the apology box.

Tap collect and you’ll get your Clams.

Consuela’s and missing Vacuum…..

Just to let you know Consuela’s Vacuum has been removed due to the freezing and crashing issues it has been causingvfor many players. It’s just temporary though and it will be back once the issue is fixed.

Tame Tiger Repair Confusion!!!

Some of you have been commenting and contacting game support to say you’ve repaired the Tame Tiger but it’s still not showing up in your game. This is due to you using Wildlife Meg’s Poison drop task link to take you to the Tame Tiger. Doing this let’s you see the repair box before you’ve actually found the Tame Tiger during an investigation.

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The Mystery Of The Missing Bunny Tails!!!

Some of you may have noticed that it appears there is no freemium way to get Bunny Tails, well don’t panic as clearing Easter Rabbits drop them. Not sure why it doesn’t show for some of us but I’ve tested it and they do drop.

6th, 9th or 69th Anniversary – it’s up to you!!!

Some of you have noticed, and are commenting that you can rotate the 6th Anniversary Monument and it becomes the 9th Anniversary Monument.  So if you want your 6th to become the 9th just rotate it. Or if you’ve got lots Easter Eggs leftover at the end you can buy another one and even have a 69th Anniversary Monument.

(And yes I know technically you could also have a 66th or 99th Anniversary as well….)