Warning – IOS 6.6.0 Update causing I ssues!!!!!

Just a heads up that if your playing on IOS, the latest update, version 6.6.0 is causing major issues with playing. It’s been reported, but avoid updating until you know it’s safe.

For those that have, contact support once your back in and explain what you missed out on due to this.



18 responses to “Warning – IOS 6.6.0 Update causing I ssues!!!!!

  1. Mine was fine after the initial update but since the new event started the game freezes after a few seconds and I can’t play at all


  2. It didn’t start with iOS 16.4. I upgraded both my iPad and phone to 16.4 a couple days before, and it played fine. Also, it didn’t start with the 6.6.0 upgrade, because neither my phone or iPad had been updated when today’s event started, and the freezing occurred.

    This isn’t getting any better for me. The freeze happens at various times, but usually within about 20 seconds. Always kicks me back to the end of the previous event, which indicates that nothing that’s occurred after trying to load the new event is being saved.


    • Squirrel Girl

      Yeah it was initially evident to those that updated but spread, Android also. They’ve told me they pushed a fix. I had to load few times and just leave game open where it froze, after 5-6 minutes it started function and no freezing since. I might just be lucky, but 3 devices all running. Let m know how you get on.


  3. Also seeing freezing/lockups trying to open app/start new event on Android 6.6.0 too.


  4. Actually just realized I was on 6.5.0 of the game and was experiencing those issues, same in 6.6.0 (one wasn’t working, what can it harm updating at that point?)


  5. Further investigation on iPadOS 16.4 shows I can do anything in the game as long as it does not open an interactive in-game window, like tapping a character to see task list, it just freezes the game. I can go around and tap buildings to collect coins to my hearts content, but selecting the vacuum icon to use Consuela’s Coin Vacuum service causes the game to freeze.
    I’ve communicated this to support outside the game due to the game eventually freezing when I work thru the help menus.


  6. christopher guertin

    it’s not just IOS. game is crahing on android 5 seconds into it also.


  7. I am on iPadOS 16.4 and am experiencing some issues with the game in the new event. I had gotten in after the reset of last event, but screen was frozen. Can’t remember if there was sound but I have become accustomed to theme music being 50/50 on it playing or not, or how long it plays before stopping.
    Force closed app, reopened and I was able to move around, tap stuff, but as soon as I did the “learn about the event”, it froze again.
    Will be searching for your “how to contact support outside the game” unless it clears up soon. Also copying this to be able to enter it in any support request.


  8. For what it’s worth, it’s not the 6.6.0 update, at least it wasn’t for me on iOS. Neither my iPhone nor my iPad had updated to the latest versions, and was still crashing. Downloading 6.6.0 made no difference.


  9. Richard Goode

    I am having problems with my Android (6.5.0) freezing after 10 seconds.


  10. Thank you so much for the heads up


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