Trick or Treat… Smell My Feet… and some big floppy feet they are.

Today is Halloween here in the USA. I absolutely LOVE Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the Haunted Houses. It is such a fun time of year. Though I won’t be celebrating it the way I have enjoyed in the past, that still won’t stop me from enjoying the kids faces as I dump candy in their buckets.

So just for funsies… I want to know if this is a “Holiday” you get behind and celebrate. Do you go all crazy wild with decorations? Do some mass planning on costumes (single or groups)? Select specific candies to hand out? Go adult trick or treating? Got pics? I would love to see it all. Feel free to share below if you are so inclined to.


11 responses to “HOPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  1. I bought in loads of Haribo sweets and lollies for the trick or treaters, and my daughter was looking forward to seeing the costumes… but we only had 1 group of trick-or-treaters knock on the house all night. It’s one more person than last year though!

    At least now I’ve got a bucket of sweets to munch through! 😉


  2. Happy Halloween to all on this site!

    I don’t celebrate Halloween from the part of the world I live in. But I imagine it’s fun. And sweet.


  3. Side note: I’m now enjoying the 75% off sale on Family Guy costumes! (Vampire Duck and Bubble Stewie!!!)


    • Weirdly enough I only noticed it this morning and by mid-afternoon it had disappeared. I bought a few with the intention to buy more later. Oh well, I guess I’m keeping my clams


  4. I used to carve elaborate pumpkins (mostly using patterns) but not many kids want to walk down our long driveway, so I’ve stopped. Those who did got 4 mini candy bars this year, tho. Love to see my nephews, neices and their dog in costume. Always adorable! 🙂


  5. And a very happy hoppy Halloween to you! Hope you get to see lots of cute kiddos. None come to my area, as it is a 55+ complex! LOL

    Glad to see you back and posting. Lots of good strong juju for you! *smile*


  6. If it wasn’t for the US games and websites I wouldn’t even notice Halloween was here. I didn’t get any trick-or-treat people this evening, but got one group consisting of 2 kids + adult last year haha


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