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A Very Griffin Holo-ween Week 2 ***FAQ ONLY***

Hey y’all,

I’m not able to function fully just yet. Want to get some info out for you. Posting FAQ to hold you over.

Remember this info has not yet been verified live in the New Phase.

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Where Are You Now – A Very Griffin Holo-ween Phase 1

Hey there Slayers!!

With chainsaw massacres and cannibalistic tendencies running amok in Quahog, and Phase 2 lurking around the corner, I thought it was time we took a break and shared our survival stories about Phase 1. Continue reading

A Very Griffin Holo-ween Character Questline: Axeman Peter – Tubby The Zombie Slayer

Hey Addicts!!! There’s a Questline looming so come out, come out wherever you are.

So here’s how to get Axeman Peter through his killer  Questline.

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