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Where Are You Now – A Very Griffin Holo-ween Phase 1

Hey there Slayers!!

With chainsaw massacres and cannibalistic tendencies running amok in Quahog, and Phase 2 lurking around the corner, I thought it was time we took a break and shared our survival stories about Phase 1. Continue reading


A Very Griffin Holo-ween Character Questline: Axeman Peter – Tubby The Zombie Slayer

Hey Addicts!!! There’s a Questline looming so come out, come out wherever you are.

So here’s how to get Axeman Peter through his killer  Questline.

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A Very Griffin Holo-ween Character Profile: Axeman Peter

Hey Addicts, with all the murder and mayhem hitting our towns, I think it’s time for a head count of who’s newly wandered into Quahog.

Axeman Peter is making a bumbling entrance as part of A Very Griffin Holo-ween.

Let’s throw you some information on what Axeman Peter can do in our silly lil games. Continue reading

A Very Griffin Holo-ween-: Achievement Tasks First Wave

Hey there scardy custards!

Let’s tip toe into the Achievement Tasks for the First Wave of A Very Griffin Holo-ween Event, and see what all you will encounter along the way.

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A Very Quahog Holo-ween is LIVE!!

Let the frights begin!

I’ll bring the Chianti, if you bring the Fava Beans, and as for the rest of our shopping list, I think our Hannibal will take care of it as we are about to blindly wander into the horror dinner date that is A Very Quahog Holo-ween!


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