Romancing The Clam End Of Event Reminder

Update: There’s a Google Play Update in the store…this will remove the Valentine’s Day Splash Screen and Icon from your game.  Make sure you download to the latest version 🙂

Note: There is a glitch with the timer that’s making it look like the event ends an hr sooner than it does.  The end time for the event is 3pm PST (or 6pm EST or 2300 GMT).  That’s been the end time and has not/will not change.  If your timer is off and telling you it’s going to end an hr sooner…don’t panic!  The event WILL NOT end until 3pm PST.  

Hey there Heartbreakers!

The end of the Romancing the Clam is near. That means a quick reminder to grab those items available while you can. Let’s take a peek at all the cool things this Event had to offer. Romancing the ClamFirst off, to see the end date and time for the event… just tap on the lil Heart Meter in the lower right corner of your game. It will pop up the Main Menu tabs for the Event. The first tab will have Handsome Peter with the information on the end underneath him. (2/26 3PM PST)Romancing the Clam End Date 2 26


Now for a recap of all the items… Many of the Event items you may already have in your town as the game prompted you to get them as you progressed in the questlines. Just make sure if you missed one or want more of ones you can get multiples of (like decorations) that you pick them up before they’re gone.

PHASE 1- Main Questline Beautiful People”

New Buildings

Cuddler's Cove GazeboCuddler’s Cove Gazebo- 200 Valentines.  4hr Build.  Earns 12 Valentines and 30xp/8hrs


Pigeon Delivery ServicePigeon Delivery Service- 250 Clams.  Drops 300 Valentines and 30xp/8hrs.

Pedigree Kitty's Delivery ServicePedigree Kitty’s Delivery Service- 600 Clams.  Drops 1,000 Valentines and 40xp/ 12hrs

Valentine Griffin HouseValentine’s Griffin House- 100 Clams.  Always drops items needed for beautiful Peter.  Earns 8 Valentines and 25xp/6hrs.

Valentine Founding FathersValentine’s Founding Father- 100 Clams.   Earns 10 Valentines and 10xp/8hrs

New Decorations

Valentine's Topiary YellowValentine’s Topiary Yellow- 25 Valentines

Valentine's Topiary WhiteValentine’s Topiary White- 25 Valentines

Valentine's Topiary RedValentine’s Topiary Red- 25 Valentines

Valentine's Topiary PinkValentine’s Topiary Pink- 25 Valentines

Herp Derp's Kissing BoothHerp Derp’s Kissing Booth- 200 Valentines

Cupid Brian BoxCupid Brian Box (75 Clams)

NotBadCupidNot Bad Cupid 

Holderdowner 5000Holderdowner 5000

Perrenial PervmobilePerennial Pervmobile this is like Meg’s Car and other items from Christmas.  It will drive on the roads, automatically.  

Love Drone Delivery ServiceLove Drone Delivery Service Earns 1500 Valentines/16hrs 


(Unlocked Handsome Peter and Ida Davis)

ArnoldArnold Schwarzenegger: 250 Clams


PHASE 2- Main Questline My Funny Valentine”


Valentine Madeline's BoutiqueMadeline’s Valentine’s Boutique- 100 Clams.  8  Valentines, 25xp/6hrs.  Always drops items needed for Cheryl

Valentine Quagmire'sQuagmire’s Valentine’s House- 75 Clams.  Earns 8 Valentines, 25xp/6hrs.  Always drops items needed for Glenda


Sappy TreeSappy Tree- 75 Valentines

Royal Roses WalkwayRoyal Roses Walkway- 25 Valentines

Cherub Stewie StatueCherub Stewie Box (50 Clams)

Blossom's BlossomsBlossom’s Blossoms

Lady of Ill Repute 1Lady of Ill Repute

Horse CarriageCarriage Ride 


(Unlocked Glenda Vajmire and Cheryl Tiegs)


PHASE 3- Main Questline Can’t Buy Me Love”

New Buildings

Cumberbatch ManorCumberbatch Manor: 1000 Valentine’s, pays out at 10 HMV’s & 30XP every 8 hrs.

Second Chances ChapelSecond Chances Chapel- 75 Clams.  Earns 6 Valentines, 25xp/4hrs.  Always Drops 10 Love Hearts

McCounseling CenterMcCounseling Center- 75 Clams.  Earns 6 Valentines, 25p/4hrs.  Always drops 10 Hate Hearts.


Chinese New Year GoatChinese New Year Goat- 120 Clams.

Arnold's Tank and Pink Couch Arnold’s Tank– 60 Clams (unlocks task for Arnold)


(Cupid unlocked & Hot Meg won by hearts or Mystery Box)

Benedict Cumberbatch and M otter cycleBenedict Cumberbatch w/M-Otter-Cycle: 200 Clams. Cycle pays out at 6 HMV’s & 20 XP every 4 hrs.

Homemade Valentine's RupertRuperts Homemade Valentine’s Mystery Box (1000 Valentine’s each try) This also includes the opposites of the prizes you won from the Affection Meter. So, the ones you did NOT win.

See the Main post on the Mystery Box for the full run down. 


On top of all this, there are the multiple prizes in the Dating Areas…

Morning Arousal Coffee Dates List

Romantic Thoroughfare Dates List

Changes to the Coffee & Thoroughfare Dates List

Casaroja Movie Theater Dates List

 Prizes Added


There was a LOT that went on all throughout the Romancing the Clam Event to keep us occupied. So see where YOU are in Event and decide if it is worth it to YOU to use any of your precious Clams to buy or complete those unfinished tasks or get those last items. Remember, it ALL goes once the event Ends. So get those trees, Bushes, or other misc items.

Info as of this post…… 

All Questlines will come to a stop (minus Arnold and Benedict). UPDATE: ALL WILL END INCLUDING ARNOLD & BENEDICT

Cupid will go unless he is completely unlocked and roaming your town.

Hot Meg will go if you did not win her from the Mystery Box or the Affection Meter.

In short… IT ALL GOES! (Unless it is placed in your town or walking around your town.) Lol. Don’t hesitate and wait til the last second. Get what you want and give yourself plenty of time to do so.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Just use our cool Search Tool. Or ask. 🙂

Where are you in the Event? Did you get all you wanted? See a few things you missed or forgot about? Excited to see what is coming next? Let us know.



317 responses to “Romancing The Clam End Of Event Reminder

  1. I gave up the game. That was the last straw. I have given this game every opportunity. They cant one event let you redeem things after the event and then the next one you cant. The whole beginning was a mess, they were trying to get the game with many fixes which then at the end caused me headaches of not getting hot meg. Which is the one thing I wanted.
    So I really don’t care what they do. Love and hate mess.
    Perfume sprays a waste of time not sure the point.
    There was absolutely no direction it just became a big mess at the end.
    They lost my $300 a year on clams. I may not even play freemium I am so mad.


  2. Need new quests now. Finger getting out of shape. Been two days, need new quests…or a 12 step program…arggh;-)


  3. I tried to unlock cupid in the final hours and had sent peter and Glenda on their quests. The event finished but it glitched peter and Glenda saying that I can do their quests over and over again. I did the update and still have the flash screen and also the cupid mission tab. How can I fix this???


  4. I have seen others playing the game with the Valentines addition, but I was not offered the option for it on my phone. I looked everywhere for some way to update and it was not available for some reason. :/ I’m not looking forward to missing out on the next one. Really blows.


    • Unless you are JUST starting out, you should have the same access to Events as everyone else. District 3 done past getting Al’s should get you in.

      As for the stuff coming up, it is a District. That means you must complete the Districts before it in order to move on. They aren’t really timed and stick around for good. So my question to you is, what District are YOU in? Who all do you have unlocked?


  5. Kind of a meh event for me. The new characters were fun, but the game itself got unstable. Also, work made me not able to obsessively click PDA couples, so I lost out on a bunch of hearts that way. Hopefully the next one will be more fun. They still haven’t done better than Comic Con. 😄


    • I don’t know if any event will match comic con for sheer level of this is amazing amount of cool new stuff all at once fun. Halloween was great but it merely improved upon what had been done during the Con event.


  6. I really got hamstrung with this one by work, where I get most of my productive Quahog-ging done and didn’t even get that far. I managed to unlock Glenda but that was it. Missed out on Ida and to make it worse, I never saw a Rupert Mystery offer. Was hoping for a couple chance son things I knew I’d miss but oh well. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next event. Hope everyone else got what they wanted 🙂


  7. I unlocked Hot Meg in the final hours, despite thinking I wasn’t going to get her in time. i even got the voodo shop from Rupert, i was gutted that I was ony 150 Valentines away from getting the last Rupert box and was hoping to beat the clock but alas no. It was the box of dolls deco and was hoping to get it to put it in Quagmires garden along side his bondage rack 😐


  8. Hi, I can’t believe that the Benedict and Arnold questlines were removed when the event ended. What’s the point of buying characters if you can’t finish their quests? We all work very hard to finish everything, and I think it’s understandable when the “free” stuff disappears, but removing things people actually buy is NOT ACCEPTABLE behavior in my opinion. It’s a HUGE letdown to the fans and makes me feel really apathetic towards the game… 😦


    • It’s more to do with items involved were within the Event. So when it left…it took pieces of the questline with it. Making it hard for anyone to continue.

      Hopefully they’ll find a better work around for them.


  9. Anyone else lose their characters who were in the coffee shop and cinema at the end of the event? I mistakenly sent two couples in before going to sleep, forgetting the event was ending so more hearts would be useless and now I’ve woken up to no event and four missing characters!


  10. Finished re-arranging my V-day Stuff! So glad I didn’t get the four items I missed from Rupert’s box because it looks pretty nice and organized right now. Gonna fix the road when I finish clearing a section, but here’s a screenshot! Hope it’s inspiring ;D


  11. I’m new playing FG – took over from Hubby 🙂

    I really enjoyed the event, there was a lot of variety and it held my interest. The PDA couples were a challenge initially when they were dressed identically, but that was part of the fun for me. Even happier when they made the appearance change though.

    I was lucky enough to win most things (only 4 items left in Rupert’s box – so nice to be able to use HVs to open it! Thankyou TC!) and almost finished all quests (didn’t manage to get Meg finished flirting with waiters task to end the Cupid/Meg quest line). Also managed to unlock all freemium characters.

    All in all, it was a highly enjoyable event. 🙂

    It was also helpful to come here for guidance – I learned a lot. Thankyou!

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  12. Y is my cupid questline to unlock him still going?


  13. I have an iPhone 5S, up to date and all that business.. I still have the V-Day icon and splash screen. I tried updating via AppStore, there’s no update left to see.. The game wont update.. And where is my Roman thoroughthru? Inventory?


    • Very odd. Mine are all updated. Normal icon and Splash Screen. Once that happens, the items you won from Event like The Romantic Thoroughfare will be in your Inventory.


    • I have an iphone too and the update (v 1.6.9) hasn’t yet hit the app store. Like you, the v-day event ended and updated to normal but there’s still the v-day icon and splash screen showing.


  14. Kind of disappointed that it end I miss my chance of getting hot Mag. Any chance she well be back or getting her


  15. Hallay-Bloody-Ulliala (or something like that)
    Pawtucket Brewery is now just a deco, I got all the stuff and now I wait and twiddle thumbs for what’s coming next 🙂


  16. Did anyone else lose the Tunnel of Self Love? Mine disappeared with the end of the event.


    • I got mine. Check your Inventory?


    • Mine turned invisible, but it is still where I put it. Cupid is in there at the moment, supposedly making arrows, but I figure maybe he made it invisible so his activity could be more private.


      • Yes, now convinced Cupid wanted privacy, as the tunnel of self love is once again visible after he finished the whittling arrows task.

        I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it happens again, or if was something to do with the event ending whilst this object was in use.


  17. I thought that cupid, hot Meg and Benedict were supposed to keep their quest lines after the event ended as long as you had bought them or had them unlocked. Does anyone know what happened to that?


    • Please see the bottom of this very post you are commenting on. 😉


      • That was posted after I left my comment. Really what’s the point of having characters that we have no chance of ever finishing their quests because they are end prizes so to speak. It really shows that this is the game getting greedy and not caring about us as players many of us are done with the main content and we pay for stuff also. So I really expect that if I pay for a character like Benedict, I should get the whole quest line. Plus if you put out these characters are going the be playable after the fact then you need to stick to that, I know people probably spent money towards unlocking those characters thinking that.


  18. Not sure if this is legit or just a glitch… my game still shows Cupid in the task bar and the quests associated with him are still present in the respective character menus. Also I have a four day countdown timer going for Benedict and Arnold, and they are still present in the purchase window at the bottom with all the other characters. Were these all extended?


  19. Not sure if anyone else noticed this but Cheryl and Ida’s park benches were in my inventory and they even give you coins/exp every couple hours


  20. I prefer events to the districts but I prefer more land to everything 😀

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  21. But the cumberbatch manor is gone!!!


  22. I wonder if another event’s still starting tonight. It’s getting pretty late.


  23. The cupid statue thing was sneaky, especially because the buildings seemed more valuable for event currency. Then we get to the asylum vs cupid statue part of the loce meter quest, along with a badly placed break in the event story-line. Im betting most people went hate hearts for the building… and who could bblame them because how the clam were we supposed to know we needed that jerkface statue? I actually was still able to get cupid, but had to use some well placed clams.


  24. GOSH DANG DARN! i just bought benedicts and arnold yesterday cuz im a procrastinator and I finally won hot meg yesterday and now the quests are gone 😢 poo


  25. Once the event is over and have placed the new stuff I spent some time doing a panoramic view of my city. What do you think about it? 😀

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  26. just wanted to point out what I’ve noticed in my bf’s game and my game also:
    in his iOS, he has timers for “Pride and Benedict Pt.1” and “Clams and Muscles Pt.2″…and Arnold and Benedict are still under the characters tab in the store. both timers have 4 Days and 20 Hours left.
    and in my game, I unlocked and collected ALL characters from the event area and then in my inventory AFTER they took all the Valentine’s stuff away, there were Ida, Cheryl, and Cupid’s park benches, i placed them and they all 3 give out coins and XP.


    • well I have the timers also in my game for Benedict and Arnold I’m on Android…so I’m guessing players who haven’t bought them during the event, all have those timers to choose if they still wanna buy them yet or not …what I’m wondering is IF both of their questlines with come with them or not, guessing NOT on that also since everything else has done ended.


    • They tend to do that… allow Premium side Characters for purchase still after an event. As well as lil extras of where the Characters came from. We got Directors Chairs during Comic Con Event, Tombstones during Halloween, and now Benches. Pretty cool. 🙂


  27. Overall I was happy with the event I guess, I have all the love and hate prizes that were freemium and I have Arnold. Kind of bummed I couldn’t finish Hot Meg & Cupid’s quest lines and earn my clams. I am not too thrilled that all the crashing on Android caused me to lose clams and PDA couples on both Kit Kat and Lollipop but between playing on iOS and Android I survived. I don’t know of BC will be benificial to me so I think I will just keep it at Arnold right now. Maybe I will get a premium character next event if it moves me or if it’s someone I really want! I wanted both Bruce and Arnold so I have them.


  28. The event ended while cupid was on a task that gave you a prize.. fogot the quest dont know what I would have got….So lame that you just get bent over like that… they should let the quest finish.If I got screwed out of clams I will be salty,but the event was fun thanks Tiny Co and all Addicts for a great game and info.


    • It was just one Clam. Nothing more. You can get those from visiting Ollie. And sorry you feel that way, there were many warnings it was ending and even in this post… ALL would go the moment that timer hit so don’t wait til last minute on things. Once the Event is pulled, there is nothing anyone can do. 😦


  29. Just fyi. Park benches that you unlocked during the event are in your inventory.


  30. Last 2 event I could not finish unlocking characters/reskins and I so much disappointed how difficult the game became. I really would like to drop “F” bomb right now but after all it’s only game. I think if that will be the case with next event I will say good bye to the game.
    TinyCo please make grace period at the end of the event to finish tasks. Not only I could not finish collecting remaining harts to get Hot Meg but now I see that cupid seems also gone :/ I was on the way to unlock 2 remaining items for the new character but with the end of the event everything was cancelled out and all the characters ‘dropped’ event tasks in due curse. Cupid icon is still in the taks bar but cannot do with it much 😦 Yet even the event finished I can BUY Arnold and Benedict. WTH, I want to be able to finish unlocking FG characters not to get extra unrelated with the show.


  31. kinda bummed, the one time I pick a hate reward, I actually NEED the love reward, and I won everything in the mystery-box except the cupid statue and the broken heart shaped pool. No cupid for me I guess :/


    • Ditto. I was going for buildings because they heard valentines to get other items. That was a real bummer. that & I never got Meg :_(

      here’s hoping for a best of 2015 event!


  32. I thought I had one more day.. My days are mixed up. I needed one more fan – and 7 more hearts for hot Meg….. Grrrr it’s venting time for me.. What the deuce


  33. Update in Google Play. Nothing changed. Any idea on when the new stuff might hit, ladies?


  34. Soooooo bummed…had worst day at work and forgot to spend my valentines before the event ended!!! Arughhhh…


  35. I usually don’t comment as have enjoyed this game, but I’m really quite annoyed, after endless hours plus spending clams to get ‘hot meg’ she is nowhere to be seen, not in the skins or inventory! Seriously, WTF?! Def got her before the end of event, even with 8hearts over so where has she gone? I’m so disappointed and my actual money whas been wasted! 😭


  36. I’m happy to see the original quahog back but I’m going to miss this event and I was only 1 heart away from getting hot met grrrrrrrrr.


  37. I’m a Brit and don’t wanna nit pick, but…
    My event’s done now & my front screen is still on the Valentines splash screen 😦

    And by the way…
    Alissa & Bunny…alphabetically speaking & not by any means favouritism 🙂

    Thumbs up to the work you do on this website, absolutely and without doubt – AWESOME !!!!! xxxxx 🙂

    You both deserve Oscars, Brit Awards, Grammy’s, Cash in Hand, Cheques, Bank Transfers, Free Clams & Milk Tokens etc etc….

    But more than anything a right big “Brit Cuddle”


  38. I’m happy with the event overall. I missed the last item from the gift box by less than 30 valentines. I was going to finish a task with clams, but I thought I had another half hour based on the timer (yes I read the post about the timer being incorrect, just didn’t follow it). When I opened the game back up it said event ended :(. Not the games fault, but I blame three days where I was so busy at work I didn’t get a chance to check may game all day, even at lunch. I lost a lot of valentines and hearts, luckily I got meg about 2 hours before the event ended. I don’t post here much but figured I throw in my experience and progress through this event.

    I hope everyone had fun. Hoping to have a break for a few days to calm down and not check every few hours. Luckily I finished everything from the brewery so I don’t have to worry about any of that.


  39. Did the quest lines for Hot Meg and Cupid finish with event? I’m 100% sure I hadn’t finished their quests. Unfortunately I missed the end of the event, but starting it up after it had finished, and the only quest I’ve got is a timer for Ben CucumberPatch. Have I missed out on my clams at the end of their quests? And why do I still have the ability to craft items from the brewery? I’ve got one of everything in there (I crafted 2 Chumba Wumba’s as per the quest requirement), yet I’m still getting tasks to earn more ingredients. Should it not have stopped by now?


    • There are several items that have MORE than 1 limit… so they will stay active until all completed.

      As for the Event… as stated at bottom of this very post you are commenting on… questlines buh bye. Sorry.


      • So do I just keep collecting and crafting, and the list of available items to craft will eventually reduce? Does anyone know how many of each item is available until they’re no longer… available?


        • You can see the limits by just tapping on each item in the Brewery. Then the lil i for the info. It will say “Limit xx”

          Once you hit the limits… it changes to just a Brewery. Then you can clear the last Chumba Wumbas (outside the 2 you make) and be done completely with it all.


  40. Extremely disappointed you can’t use the Romantic Thoroughfare for dates anymore. I mean, I spent 200 clams on it at least let me get the full use from it.


  41. When the event ended I found all 3 of the park benches in my inventory


  42. I got the romantic thoroughfare and it’s supposed to be animated but mine does not do anything. There is supposed to be a fish jumping. Is anyone else having this problem?


  43. Glad to see classic Quahog again. The game doesn’t crash every couple minutes now. I blame Android Lollipop as much as Family Guy, but some optimization for the next event would be really really nice…

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  44. I really enjoyed this event though it was a bit rushed at the end, didn’t quite manage to complete Meg’s questline or the one with Meg and Cupid. I play freemium and I managed to get everything freemium minus a couple of the prizes, but I prefer buildings to decs anyway so I don’t mind 🙂 Thanks Bunny and Alissa for all the help, especially the walkthroughs – they really help with timing which characters are doing what so that they’re always free by the time they’re needed for the quests. Thank you! 🙂


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