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Love Is Out Of This World Mystery Box

Hey there Lovebirds!

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be more… More has arrived… and in a loving way? Looks as though we now have a Mystery Box in our games providing many items from Last Years Valentine’s Event.

PDA Hate Couple 1 Hot Meg

Let’s take a look at what is inside the Mystery Box. Back with more in a bit…  Continue reading


Romancing The Clam End Of Event Reminder

Update: There’s a Google Play Update in the store…this will remove the Valentine’s Day Splash Screen and Icon from your game.  Make sure you download to the latest version 🙂

Note: There is a glitch with the timer that’s making it look like the event ends an hr sooner than it does.  The end time for the event is 3pm PST (or 6pm EST or 2300 GMT).  That’s been the end time and has not/will not change.  If your timer is off and telling you it’s going to end an hr sooner…don’t panic!  The event WILL NOT end until 3pm PST.  

Hey there Heartbreakers!

The end of the Romancing the Clam is near. That means a quick reminder to grab those items available while you can. Let’s take a peek at all the cool things this Event had to offer. Romancing the Clam Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Is Here!

Update 2/6 9:15 am EST: I know many of you are having issues with the PDA couples.  They’re rough, I know.  Here’s a tip that many readers have mentioned in the comments & something Bunny & I have found to work as well…Watch the limbs when they stop.  If his leg goes up it’s a heart if her arm goes up it’s a broken heart.   So make sure you’re watching when they STOP.    And I know 2 minutes is rough to watch/tap…best thing to do if you think you need more time is send a request to TinyCo.  We know they listen, so hopefully they’ll make an adjustment if enough people feel it’s needed.  Good Luck!

UPDATE BUNNY: A more detailed post of the Couples is coming up really soon. It really comes down to just watching them. 😉

Also, there’s an update on Arnold below..including WHY you should buy him.

Hello There Clammers!

Valentine’s Day has arrived in Quahog!  Oh look how lovey everything is!

2015-02-05 23.27.53Looks like Ida Davis is making an appearance &  I like to think that has a little something to do with our Brian’s Lover poll

You might see this message…

2015-02-06 02.11.16

Just tap go and you’ll be good 🙂

As always more details as we go through them….

Note: Ida Davis IS timed!  Do NOT repair the Park Bench until you’re ready.  You will have 5 days to unlock once you’ve completed the repair (after you hit the check mark).  Details on what’s needed to unlock below,

Continue reading