What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers!

Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not.  Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language.  

Here’s mine for this week:

WHAT THE DEUCE….I had over 20k Valentines left and nothing to spend them on…

WHAT THE DEUCE….it’s almost time for baseball and most of the fields across the US are buried in snow.  Just bring on Spring already!

Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your WHAT THE DEUCE?! moments from the past week!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂

145 responses to “What The Deuce?!

  1. What the deuce.
    Why is it every time we are given a mini quest (like bird beard peter) they make the rare drops only come from one or two characters and the common (or always drops) from 5-6 characters.

    No way I’m getting all those birds by quests end…

    Damn you


  2. What happened to my last comment?


  3. Oh What the Deuce!

    Deanna Troi is harder to unlock than Jesus which she is not even the final character for this event. At least Jesus is easier to unlock one you had enough characters and good time management.

    Even if you bought the Star trek building that drops the blue energy it still not 100% affirmative that you will receive the chocolate bars.

    And why TinyCo always love to prepare a distinct character with stuffs that need to be unlocked by the locked distinct characters is beyond my comprehension as this is a bad business strategy.

    They could have introduce Sulu costume for Takei at a reasonable clam to collect chocolate bars like new years Brian or premium characters like Consuela and Cleveland which would promote more clam purchases.


  4. Hello thanks for the great website, but am I the only one who thinks the achievement “Peter Drink At The Clam 50 Times” he has an hour task of “Hang Out At The Clam” and Long John Peter has a 24 hour task of drink at the clam. Just a bit confusing not sure if it affects the quest lines in any way.


    • The achievement is mis guiding I guess my mind was everywhere…between the achievement and making him dance the shipoopi are the only task I’m missing


  5. Stephanie nash

    My what the deuce is;

    My game constantly crashes. It allows me to collect a few houses or character tasks and then shuts down completely. When you restart the game the characters are back to the tasks or people you have recently sent on a task are free again…!

    Secondly I just got 13 plutonium, sent the blimp off and the game crashed. When I restarted it had a congratulations message and the plutonium was gone. But I did not receive the bath house…. or dinosaur thing….

    Someone please help! I am loosing patience with this game now and have spent quite a bit of money on clams before so very frustrating!

    Thank you very much.


    • You aren’t done with the trip yet. Dialog follows. You have to complete each 3 or 4 part Blimp Trip to the end (Dialog included) to get the item. 😉


  6. What the deuce! I’ve been sending Riker on the taste to get life support energy since friday, and I’ve only gotten 1. I just want to progress to the engineering room.

    On a side note, I’ve had absolutely no problems with tribbles.


  7. I like turtles


    • With that said… I thought I read somewhere on here… That at the end of this event (Trek) the Enterprise will go away???

      Why? Does it take too much server power or something like that? I’m certainly not a tech guy so I have no idea what it takes to make, update or maintain a game like this… I just want to know if the Enterprise goes away… Why?

      Or maybe I just heard wrong and we get to keep it… It’s very cool and one of the best add ons to this game.


  8. Hey there. I was hoping to get the tribbles to drop again. I still have to unlock Riker. I have clams, I use the when needed. I haven’t seen tribbles for 2 days now. Just a heads up. My wife & I love the game. 🙂 Great Job!!


  9. If there is a timed event like the current Star Trek, players shouldn’t have to wait hours for a task to be completed like when trying to get Starfleet Peter having to wait 8 hours for Joe and Riker to get their tasks done for a chance to get items needed to progress further in the Star Trek missions


  10. WTD? Can anyone help me? This morning when I collect all the plutonium for the Olivia’s quest, the Travel tower just dissapeared 😒 still no answer from TinyCo


  11. I have a little bit of a problem, I almost have Riker, but the tribbles won’t spawn anymore, so I can’t get enough dilithium to earn Riker. Any solutions!?!?!😫


  12. I haven’t had any tribbles in Quahog for a day and a half now. Anyone else experiencing this? Kinda hard to get Riker without tribbles running around, and Dilithium is the last thing I’m down to.


  13. I’m not sure how long Olivia has been hanging out at her house now… maybe a decade? I don’t know. I’ve long since lost track and more than that, I have lost interest. I am getting one – and rarely ever two – drops a day on the plutonium. I am currently sitting at 9/13 to go back for the dinosaur. I will have Riker long before I get Olivia.

    I set all necessary characters on their plutonium quests but it’s a tremendous waste of time. They do these things as many times a day as I can reasonably squeeze in but the drop rate is astonishingly stupid! Why? I’m growing very frustrated with this nonsense. I can’t progress in the blimp questline because the drops just aren’t there.

    Seriously, who do I have to boink to get this thing off my task list?


    • Lol @ boink. 😉

      Sorry. Those Districts can be a bit tedious at times. Just like the headbands and eyeballs. Just do what you can, when you can. In the meantime, let them know. Tell them your thoughts (kindly) on the District and grind. 😉


  14. I am getting very frustrated with the game that I love. Alas, no matter what I do my game constantly crashes every single stinkin’ time I try to play. It’s been happening ever since the end of Romancing the Clam. I have tried putting away my extra decorations and animated building ‘n’ such, forcing a close and reloading, reinstalling, everything that is listed in the troubleshooting page, to no avail. It will load up, allow me to do a few things like collect a couple buildings’ goodies or end a task with a character, but it will soon close out and send me back to the startup screen of my tablet. I have tried it on two different tablets, only to have the same thing happen on both. I am connected through facebook and run it on an android. I have contacted Tinyco about it, but haven’t heard anything back from them yet. Is anyone else having this problem? I was only able to get one single bandana with the mini event, and that is all. Most of the time the game doesn’t remember what I did in between crashes. For example, I forgot that I still had Kool Aid Man’s girlfriend running around my town, so I put her away. The game crashed, I reloaded it, and there she was, cute little drink of chocolate water that she is, confidently strutting her choclatey little self all over my lil’ Quahog. WTD? Bunny, can you work your wondrous nerd girl magic and help me out here? I have not been able to play my game since the Valentine’s event and I am rapidly succumbing to withdrawal. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, there is no warning or error message when it crashes, it just goes. HELP ME PLEASE!!!! I miss my favorite game so much!


    • First off… what devices are you playing on? Next, connection? You using WiFi or Data to get your game going? Next, what else do you run on your device? A lot of other apps? Like Facebook, twitter, Candy Crush, etc?

      Let’s start there.


      • I play on an android tablet using a wifi connection. It’s a brand new tablet with a few generic apps for the kids on it. No facebook or twitter. Family Guy is the biggest game on there. I’m using less than 2GB out of 8GB of memory.


        • It’s an android 4.4, kitkat


        • How strong is that connection? Is it a shared system with a lot of people tapping in? Is the signal solid and consistent? I am asking this as it sounds like there is a connection or memory issue on your end not allowing the game to sync and save properly.

          On my Samsung Tab and GS4 phone, I kill all other apps before starting my game as anything else going on in the background will pull from the memory the game needs. Even basic apps built into the device. Also, if I am in a location with WiFi shared (like a coffee shop) the signal isn’t constant and I tend to get kicked out more as it goes up and down.


          • I play at home on my own connection. Signal strength is excellent, the number it gives me is 11 consistently. I forced stop on all apps and uninstalled everything for a bit last night, and it didn’t help. I was having a charging issue with my last tablet, but it let me play all the way up to the end of the last event. When the game updated to take away all of the romantic goodies, it quit working. I thought maybe it was my tablet because it was a piece of crap anyway, so I got a new one, but no dice. I am perplexed to the max.


            • I also shut down everything in the house that is using the signal to try that as well. No streaming, computer, phones or other tablets to hog the connection, and no workie either.


            • Sounds like there is something else going on. I would suggest reaching out to them to help with it further.


  15. As I’m sure my other post will be moderated out as inappropriate for what the thread is about and for fear of TinyCo getting severely flamed once again over the debacle that this event has become, I am appropriately posting it here in hopes that my words will not fall on deaf ears as well as hope they get it and realize for some of us this is the last straw. In response to the post about the standings on collecting for this event:
    Finished except the 20 candy. My girl needs a few more mustaches (maybe 2 or 3) and 25 candy. Neither of us will make it without spending clams. From the onset this one was doomed to failure due to poor math with the candy unless their goal all along was to have us work hard to inevitably spend clams anyway. Dick move if that’s the case. Break down: Event timer 5 days; original stick timer of 4 hrs. = 30 tries in event (6 per day). This wouldn’t even cover the 50 pinatas needed for the quest. Same 5 days; 4 characters working on bandanas @ 4 hrs per action = 24 bandanas/day = 120 bandanas for the event; latchers @ 1 every 2 hours (max 5 at a time) = 12/day =60 for the event. As drop is not always (80 percent by my calculation on 6 peoples accounts), the number of candies is reduced to 48 for the event. This means 8 clams will need to be spent to ensure success (4 per candy) for the top tier players. Of course it’s a small price to pay for a skin but shouldn’t be the case. If I wanted to pay for everything in a game, I’d buy a different game outright. Since when did the challenge of the game become how to spend less money and not how to not have to spend money? I guess all the “whales” (yes that is the industry terminology for those of you who pay alot of money for gaming on in app purchases) have been successfully churning the waters of corporate greed enough to make a difference. I reward good content with purchase; problem is this is yet another event where I will be missing content (storyline and possibly a skin) due to this greed. What’s the point of generating content that only a select few will ever read? I’ve become disillusioned with thus game and gaming company and considering calling it quits and I know I’m not alone. Hear that TinyCo? What are you going to do to retain us paying players who are fed up with the garbage? Final plea to fix your $h!t.


    • Now now… no need to place an attack on me. I had VERY specific instructions on the post. I even warned… ONLY what I asked or WILL be moderated. I get you are upset at the situation but please do not use that anger to personally attack me and my post. There is a reason I set it up the way I did. I even noted to use OTHER posts to vent. ONLY details. It really is unfair and inappropriate for you to take it out on me. Just sayin.


      • Not on you…I hadn’t fully read the the post before posting myself. I truly meant no offense, but it’s high time that they get this wake-up call that’s been a long time coming. My sincere apologies as I’ve felt that this ire need be directed at the source. I understand and feel for your position as an intermediary and would have had a more civil tongue had this really not gotten to me. Your role is just as critical to their success as the programmers and I’ve noticed quite a bit of alterations to how the site is run and moderated (quite possibly at their bequest). I’m further incensed over the time I’ve me and my girl have spent on a side project for the game players which will be a great addition to your site. Problem is if we keep getting burned, walking away from the fire is the only option and loss of time is something I can’t replace. You worked hard to put this site together, how would you feel if they burned you in some way? Again apologies as this wasn’t meant as an attack on you or anyone directly associated with this site. Thanks.


        • Well I can tell you that our site here is ran no different than our TSTO site. Same strict guidelines and regulations. It is more for OUR protection from ALL involved. Not just the gaming house. From WordPress. From Google. The list is endless. It makes it so EVERYONE can come to this site. There is so much more to running a site that goes on behind here that you may not see or understand. I just think people assume because we have MORE access to TinyCo that our thoughts are different. They are not. WE run this site. WE speak our minds. This is ADDICTS property and no one tells us what to do. NO ONE. (Accept the blue haired lawyer) 😉

          We just have a different approach. You may not be used to it or how we work. We try to keep a positive outlook in a world of negativity. We get frustrated and upset too, but there is a more productive way we can focus that frustration into help and change instead of harm and hurt. There is enough hatred in the world. I REFUSE to allow it to breed on our sites.

          I feel that anger is clouding judgement and too many people make snap decisions based on the blindness anger brings, like attacking us when upset.

          All we have ever been… all we will ever be is the ADDICTS. Here to help and be a voice for players where they may not have the access.


  16. It’s pretty disheartening to have 11 blindfolds sitting around with no piñatas to hit. So far I need 3 cowboy hats, and 30 pieces of candy for Spanish Peter. The hats “shouldn’t” be a problem, but it doesn’t look like I’ll make it with the candy. Oh well, at least I didn’t get suckered into buying clams like before! Never again I say, never again! 👍


    • Forgot to mention that but yes, seems quite pointless to offer something up for clams purchase that will be in abundant excess to the players through normal gameplay. Makes me wonder if they’ll be offering any reimburreimbursement for those who purchased the bandanas with clams.


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