Tribble Trouble?

K…how about now?? 😉

So here’s the work around…Tribbles will spawn on the Enterprise endlessly until next week sometime. So… grab em while you can.

For those still in Quahog and the spawn has stopped before you get Riker… please let them know.

Again, we know many of you are still saying you are stuck in Quahog. (Officer and and Idiot Part 1). A fix WAS pushed this morning so make sure your game is up to date. Try restarting your device to see if that helps. Also try tapping “Go” from the task or Riker. 


3-21 6 2PM EST: TinyCo pushed another patch. Let me know once the hour mark hits if your Tribbles are back after Part 4 of Officer and an Idiot. 🙂

Update on the update… it did not relay through as intended. Hang in there. TinyMatt and the crew are on it. They know we need these Tribbles to continue. So sorry for the hiccups. Help is still on top of it. I think the Tribbles may have got in the patch lines and chewed through. Lil brats apparently don’t want us squishing them. Lol

3-21 3 2PM EST: After sending reports last night Tribbles stopped at Officer and an Idiot Part 4, have not gotten an update on a patch as of yet. They are looking into it as it is supposed to go to Part 7. Hang in there. Will Update when I get more info back. 

Tribbles will spawn in your town during the following questlines… 
Where No Griffin Has Gone Before Part 1-4 (Quahog Only)
An Officer and an Idiot Part 1-7 (Starts in Quahog but continues in Enterprise. Quahog will stop as soon as you go to Enterprise.)

Hope this helps out now. If you do not see the change right away, wait an hour for the next spawn time as we may have JUST missed it. 😉 


FYI… TinyCo did clarify the Tribbles STOP spawning in Quahog once you collected the 35 in Part 4. Still waiting on when/if they stop on Enterprise. DON’T PANIC!!! There are other things coming to still help with Riker and the Crystals. Hang in there. 


UPDATE: Spawn on Tribbles should be resolved now. Please let us know if you run into anything else. 😉

Android users: Download the 1.7.3 update from the Google Play store for bug fixes!

Hey there Tribbles!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am having so much frakkin fun and it is only day one into this Event. This Geeky Nerd Girl is just all sorts of giddy and bouncy. (Someone send poor Alissa some meds, drinks, sweets, earplugs, rope to tie down Bunny, ummmm… Lol.)

Anywho… where was I? Oh yah, TRIBBLES!!!

Tribbles and Bunny

If you are not a SciFi Fanatic and you haven’t seen many Star Trek episodes, or none at all. You are a bit taken aback by all these lil Fuzzballs roaming the town and why the heck they are.

Let me first give you an idea just WHAT a Tribble is. I will keep it VERY basic. Lol. These lil floating puffs of fur come from the Original TV Series of Star Trek. They were sold to unknowing crew members of the Starship Enterprise as “pets” (other travelers too). Much like Gremlins, these lil things tend to multiply quite quickly after eating something they shouldn’t have. For the Crew of the Enterprise, this started causing a major headache when they got into every nook and cranny in the ship… which is stuck in space. They got into wiring, food, and everywhere they should not be. Essentially becoming a huge nuisance to everyone and disabling the Enterprise. Eventually the Crew got rid of them. They have since shown up in many more episodes as well as the Movie Versions of Star Trek, including the new REBOOT Star Trek Movies. (Again, this is just basics. Do a search online if you really want a LOT more details.)

Here is Captian Kirk buried in Tribbles after finding them tucked in one of the ships panels. (Look a lil like my picture up top? 😉 )



Now that you have an idea of the lil creatures origin, let’s move on to the Tribbles in our game for this really cool Star Trek Family Guy Event.


Yellow Tribble 3 Brown Tribble 3 Beige Tribble 2

In Quahog~
The Tribbles first start showing up in your Quahog during Where No Griffin Has Gone Before Part 4. You will  be required to “pop” 35 of them as one part of the 3 part task. Once you hit this point, a “poof” of smoke will appear on your sidewalks as the Tribbles start to randomly appear. Popping Quahog Tribbles will NOT count towards the Enterprise Tasks.Where No Griffin Has Gone Before Part 4

On the Enterprise~
The Tribbles first start showing up on the Enterprise during An Officer and An Idiot Part 4. You will be required to pop 70 of them as one of the 2 part task. Once you hit this point, they will “poof” in randomly and start wandering the ship. Popping Enterprise Tribbles will NOT count towards the Quahog Tasks.An Officer and An Idiot Part 4



(Same for both Quahog & Enterprise)
As of this post, the spawn rate is NOT public. That means there is not a verified source or detail yet on the Spawn of the Tribbles.Tribble Spawn 6

From what I am seeing in my game, 6 Tribbles Spawn every hour in my Quahog and on the Enterprise (once I get to those points in the questline).

Here is the Breakdown of Tribbles I had during 10 Tribble Spawns (1 Spawn group every hour for a total of 10 hrs) :

Yellow Tribble 2Yellow Tribble 3Yellow Tribble3 Yellow Tribble

Beige Tribble 3Beige Tribble2 Beige Tribble

Brown Tribble1 Brown Tribble

I was still at Starfleet XP Level 1 when testing this (XP for the Event). That may or may not impact for the spawn amount. I will update if I see anything change. For now, it will at least give you a general idea of what to expect.



In Quahog~
They will spawn on sidewalks only. So if you have sidewalks hidden behind buildings or decorations, this will be a lil more tricky for you as they are REALLY little. The less sidewalks you have the better as well as the more visible your sidewalks are the better.

If you still are having trouble seeing them, you can always use the Characters needing them for Material Drops to find them. Just tap on that Characters Material Drop Down Menu. Locate a Tribble. Tap “GO”. The game will take you to them or tell you there are no more.Tribbles in Quahog

Now look at this Zoomed Out pic of Quahog with People. Can you spot the Tribbles? They are REALLY TEENY, so stay zoomed in and don’t hide your sidewalks. Tribbles in Quahog Zoomed Out


On Enterprise~
They will spawn around pretty much in any room they feel they want to go. They will inch along the walls and in corners, so zoom in when you can and tap on them quickly.Tribbles  Enterprise

Tribbles on Enterprise



One of two things will happen when you locate and tap on a Tribble to Pop it.

1: You tap on it and it spits out ONLY ONE the following (the drop rates are MY personal calculations not anything in FAQ, your results may vary)

In Quahog~
Nothing (Rare/Extra Rare)
Dilithium Crystal+1 Dilithium Crystal (Common)
Dilithium Crystal+2 Dilithium Crystals (Uncommon)
Tricorder1 Tricorder (Uncommon/Rare) –This item may vary depending on Character being unlocked.
Clam1 Clam (Epic)


On Enterprise~
Nothing (Rare/Extra Rare)
Dilithium Crystal+1 Dilithium Crystal (Common)
Dilithium Crystal+2 Dilithium Crystals (Uncommon)
Dilithium Crystal+5 Dilithium Crystals (Uncommon/Rare)
Captain's Log1 Captain’s Logs (Uncommon/Rare)-This item may vary depending on Character being unlocked.
Clam1 Clam (Epic)Tribble Clam Payout


2: You tap on it and it multiplies and spawns up to 6 more Tribbles. If this happens, pop them quickly as they tend to disappear as fast as they multiplied. Then you will go through the same payout as listed above. This will increase your payouts quickly.

As you can see in the Quahog picture below, two of the Tribbles I tapped spawned 6 more each giving me a total of 12. They scattered fast. This happens in both Quahog & on the Enterprise.

Tribbles Multiply Quahog

Tribbles Spawn 6 Enterprise


Now you have an idea of what to expect from these furry lil creatures. If YOU are having issues with your lil Tribble Fuzballs spawning, remember they are REALLY REALLY TEENY and to look close as they are easy to miss if you have hidden streets. If you still feel there is an issue, please reach out to TinyCo (a fix was already pushed for them, so they should be spawning correctly for everyone).

What do YOU think of the Tribbles? Do you like them? Like the payout they are offering? Got any Clams from them yet? Let us know below.



514 responses to “Tribble Trouble?

  1. Does it seem like the tribbles have been dropping fewer clams lately? They have for me, but maybe I’ve just been unlucky.


  2. Hi ladies 🙂 I’m still a little confused on the tribble update. Will the tribbles no longer stop spawning once Part 7 has been completed? I’ve been putting off triggering part 7 just in case but have already unlocked Geordi so I just want to make sure they will still spawn if I go ahead and complete Part 7 of the questline? Thanks!


    • Right now they’ll just keep spawning no matter where you are (Enterprise only). At some point TinyCo will manually shut them off from spawning…so for now complete what you want to get done so you can move on on Thursday 🙂


  3. As fun as it is to pop Tribbles I personally hope they don’t last much longer, I’ve been taking washroom breaks every hour at work to go and pop Tribbles sooner or later they’re going to get wise to me 🙂


    • You could just do it every two hours and do two in a row, right before and right after the hour. It would take good timing, though.


  4. I was sad to read that Tribbles will disappear sometime next week. I’d like to see the Tribbles through the entire event. I can’t imagine waiting for hour-long tasks or buildings to award Dilithium crystals.

    How can we get this feedback to TinyCo from many people so maybe they’ll change it? I know they read these comments. I hope others read this comment and also send the same feedback. Should I also send this feedback on the Facebook page or through the game?

    Alyssa, do you think it’s worthwhile to buy the Tribbles room that will spawn more Tribbles if they’ll only be around until next week? I can’t afford the room for 400 clams that gives out crazy XP and Dilithium crystals.


    • I brought it cause it makes me giggle thinking about Bunny (otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it). However, right now I don’t think it’s necessary. Especially since they’ll have the tribbles spawn for a bit longer on the enterprise. I would wait until they’ve stopped spawning and then get it, if you really want it. However, your clams might be better saved for something in a later phase…just my 2 cents.


  5. I know you ladies take the weekend off from your blog, and you certainly need to and MUST do this, and I hate to even ask this but if you HAPPEN to be peeking in 🙂 and are missing us pains in the you know what!…

    Is there any way you can let us know if you have a more specific date, as to when TinyCo will flip the switch back on the spawning of Tribbles on the Enterprise? Is it when they get back to work on Monday, for example? Sorry I work on weekends, and didn’t get to grab many, so wondering if I should set my alarm to collect every hr now lol. Sorry to bother you, but I thought other players, might be wondering as well and it couldn’t hurt to ask. If you do not check in or respond that is perfectly cool. 🙂


  6. still in quahog no tribbles can’t even pay with clams to get my remainder so I can move on HELP


    • Officer and an Idiot Part 1? Others have reported this too. I alerted TinyCo to it and they are working on it. Feel free to send them a message too.


  7. I sent in a ticket a day or two ago about the tribbles stopping before I could get Riker. I just got a response, saying they will now spawn until he’s unlocked. And sure enough, a batch appeared! I hope to have him unlocked in another hour or two. 🙂


  8. ✨Few things I’ve noticed in my bf’s game, (well might as well be MY 2nd game because I’m on it as much I’m on my OWN game when he is home lol,),.he’s on the “An Officer and an Idiot Pt.1″ just waiting for 1 more beard trimmer and will have unlock Riker. Now, seems that there have been ZERO Tribbles today like at all. None on either the Enterprise AND Quahog. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for some to spawn, but none are coming up. Does that have anything to do with this new patch I should be waiting for?…He’s on iOS with Version 1.7.2 and there have no new recent updates since just this event one when it came out. I’m on Android and I had an update day before yesterday and I think it was just the new patch that was sent out or something like that.✨


  9. I am so frustrated with this. It’s been 2 days without any tribble spawns and I still haven’t unlocked Riker. I’ve contacted TinyCo but no reply yet. I need like 15 more crystals to unlock him. They should have made them stop spawning at least until you had him unlocked. Should I just spent the clams to get him and ask for a credit? Or just wait for a response? Right now there’s nothing much to do in Quahog.


  10. Still stuck in Quahog because I can’t save Riker thanks to having zero tribbles spawn since yesterday morning. Messaged via the game but no answer yet. Any ETA on a fix for this?


  11. What is the yellow container that appears once a day by the crash site of Rikers ship? It disappears when i hit it. When its not there and I click the pad its on; it goes to my inventory screen.


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