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Cutaway Weekend Is Here!!

Hey there Clammers!

Remember that time you told TinyCo… “I wish —- was in the game”? Well, I guess they listened. For a Limited Time, some of your favorite Cutaway Scene Characters are going to be in your Quahog for purchase. WOOHOO FOR CUTAWAY SCENES!! These Limited Time Items will stay until Wednesday March 11th, 3PM PDT (PDT as Daylight Savings will be kicking in for many.)

Peter will kick it off with a quick intro and Daily Shipoopi, Starring Peter Griffin. Once you close it out, you will then see Peter trigger the questline Getting a Good BuzzPeter

In order to see this content, you will need to have District 3 unlocked. FYI, players on the Windows Stand Alone Version… the Weekend Items will not be available to you. In order to see the Event, you will need to be playing on the full Mobile Version of the App. 


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How To: Unlock Fine Arts District Land

Hey there Clammers!

I am seeing a lot of comments popping up with players not being able to unlock the New Land in the Fine Arts District. Figured I would hop on by to help out and possibly offer some clarification to it.

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Addicts Mail Bag!!

Hey there Clammers!!

Just wanted to bounce on by with a HUGE THANK YOU!! Not too long ago, and at the request of some of our AMAZING Readers, Addicts opened up their mailbox. Since then we have started to get some pretty amazing Mail.FG Addicts Mail

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