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Star Trek Phase 1 Quick Poll: Which Characters Have You Unlocked?

Hello There Clammers!

Star Trek has been live in our games for several days now and we’re curious to know (as I’m sure you are too) which characters have you unlocked so far?

So please take a minute to answer the poll below (selection all that apply) so we can get a better understand as to where everyone is:


What are your thoughts about the event so far?  Care to elaborate on your poll responses?  Close to unlocking the next character?  Which items do you still need?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


Star Trek Enterprise: Replicator

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Make it aboard the Enterprise yet? Trying to figure out what all the cool looking rooms do? Tapped on the Replicator yet?

Well I am here to help you get an idea of just what you can find inside the Replicator.

Replicator Enterprise Continue reading