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What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers!

Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

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Changes AFTER Romancing The Clam

Hey there Minions!

So the Romancing the Clam Event came to a close, but what about all the items we are left with? Any changes? Any additions? Well let’s take a look.Benedict Cumberbatch 1 Continue reading

Dear TinyCo: I Would Really Like…..

Hello There Clammers!

As the game evolves we’re noticing more and more of you commenting about upcoming items/features you’d love to see in the game..or even questions/concerns you have about the game.  So (as suggested by you) we’ve decided that once a month we’re going to give you guys the 1 central place for you to put your game requests (features, events, characters, decorations etc) would be the best place for TinyCo to see all of your great ideas!

Remember..TinyCo does listen to YOUR requests (and they read this blog!) as evident by a ton of the features we see in the game today!  (You never know when you might see a TinyCo’er in the comments responding directly to YOU!)

And to get the ball rolling I’ll kick it off…

Dear TinyCo…first off I still I would really like to see the task lists for characters shortened.  Are all those repetitive task times really necessary?  Especially when the character is just going to a building to disappear inside?  Can we shorten these lists up a bit?
Now for something new…I would really like to see some sort of character list that shows when they’re on a task and where they are.  This way if you forget where you sent someone, you can always backtrack quickly and find them 🙂

Dear TinyCo… Bunny would like…
1: The Inventory a little more organized. I like there are 3 separated tabs, but I would like it to go a step further if possible. I would like the Decorations & Buildings either Alphabetized or maybe grouped into Events. It takes a bit to find something in there with all our cool “stuff” we got. Especially when something is just randomly placed in the middle. 
2: MORE lil decorations. Lil flowers (white 😉 ), bushes fences, pathways, etc. I love all the lil things each Event has in the Event Area and would love to keep a lot of that around. 🙂

So now it’s your turn.  Go on and let us know what YOU would like to see in the game!  Sound off with your requests in the comments below, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Romancing The Clam End Of Event Reminder

Update: There’s a Google Play Update in the store…this will remove the Valentine’s Day Splash Screen and Icon from your game.  Make sure you download to the latest version 🙂

Note: There is a glitch with the timer that’s making it look like the event ends an hr sooner than it does.  The end time for the event is 3pm PST (or 6pm EST or 2300 GMT).  That’s been the end time and has not/will not change.  If your timer is off and telling you it’s going to end an hr sooner…don’t panic!  The event WILL NOT end until 3pm PST.  

Hey there Heartbreakers!

The end of the Romancing the Clam is near. That means a quick reminder to grab those items available while you can. Let’s take a peek at all the cool things this Event had to offer. Romancing the Clam Continue reading

Giggity Giggity Giddy Up “SPOILER CONTENT!”

Well Hey Howdy Hey there y’all!

I reckon y’all not be from round these here parts? Well how bout hitchin up y’alls horses and sitting fer a spell. I’m bout to tell a tale of a Great Western storm that is a blowin this way. Family Guy Decoration Cowboy Continue reading

Quahog Valentine’s Day Walkthroughs: Tea with Benedict

Hello There Clammers!

Valentine’s Day has arrived in Quahog & the residents of our Tiny Quahogs are really getting into the spirit of the holiday!  During phase 3 of the event you’ll have the opportunity to get a little sexy in the mix to help you along the way.

Benedict Cumberbatch will unlock for the purchase price of 200 clams in your store.  Benedict will help you earn additional Valentines with his tasks & he’ll also help you earn more more hearts to help you unlock the Valentine’s Day prizes!

Of course when you purchase Benedict he’ll come with a questline….So what are we waiting for?  Let’s take a closer look at Benedict and the questline you’ll encounter once unlocked…

Benedict Cumberbatch 1

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Quahog Valentine’s Day Walkthroughs: Hot Meg’s All That and More!

Hello There Clammers!

Valentine’s Day has arrived in Quahog & the residents of our Tiny Quahogs are really getting into the spirit of the holiday!  During the final phase of the event we’ll take a trip in the Multiverse…and Hot Meg debuts in Quahog!

Hot Meg can be won via the Affection Meter (for 350 Love hearts) or through the Handmade Valentine Mystery Box (if you went the Hate route) for 1,000 Valentines a try!

Of course when Hot Meg arrives in town she’ll come with a questline….So what are we waiting for?  Let’s take a closer look at Hot Meg and the questlines you’ll encounter once unlocked…

Hot Meg

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Rupert’s Homemade Valentine Box

Hey there Clammers!

The final Phase 3 is in our games and with it we have a really cool Mystery Box full of items you did NOT win in the Affection Meter and some decorations from around the Romancing the Clam Event Area. Now I am sure you want to know, just what is IN Rupert’s Homemade Valentine’s Box?

Homemade Valentine's Rupert
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Mini Update: Arnold’s Tank

Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo has decided to drop a silly lil surprise into our games for the Romancing the Clam Event. Arnold’s Tank.



Arnolds Tank Menu IconFor the cost of 60 Clams you can add a Tank Decoration to your game.

Arnold Will It Crush TaskWhy a decoration? Well it does a lil more than you think. It unlocks an animated task for Arnold outdoors. “Will It Crush?” The task will run for 4hrs with a payout of 20 Homemade Valentine’s & 30XP.

Arnold's Tank

The task pretty much is self descriptive. Arnold goes over to the tank and wiggles himself inside. Then 3 objects appear in front of him. A couch, a TV, and a bathtub. The Tank then runs each one over and crushes it. (More of a…an item pops up, tank rolls over it just in the front, tank reverses.) He hops out. Repeat. It sits on a 6×6 base.

Arnold's Tank 1

Arnold's Tank and Pink Couch Arnold's Tank and BathtubArnold's Tank and TV


What do YOU think of this lil edition? Are you going to buy the tank? Let us know.



Romancing The Clam Verifications

UPDATE: TinyCo made a change in the game that will allow players to go ahead and get the final two Affection Meter prizes in the game WITHOUT getting to Phase 3. So if you are collecting hearts and were not quite there yet… you will be now. Thanks TinyCo for listening. 😉

Hey there Clammers!

Bouncing by to help you all out with questions/concerns we are seeing over and over in the comments section. So put them all in a tidy lil place to help you out.

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