Changes AFTER Romancing The Clam

Hey there Minions!

So the Romancing the Clam Event came to a close, but what about all the items we are left with? Any changes? Any additions? Well let’s take a look.Benedict Cumberbatch 1

The Event is gone and we are left with a lot of really cool stuff lurking around our games. So what items now payout? Are they worth keeping out, or tucking away until another time? Here is the breakdown of them.



Ida Cheryl Cupid Park Bench

Ida Cheryl Cupid Park Bench 2

If you won Ida, Cheryl, and Cupid you will now have their Benches they unlocked from in your Inventory Storage. They do payout $20 & 15XP every 4hrs for Cupid & Cheryl’s. Every 2hrs for Ida . So pull them out into your game if you would like. Sits on a 1×2 base.Ida Cheryl Cupid Park Bench 1

For those of you that purchased the Romantic Thoroughfare (yes, we know the image is the Lovely Greenhouse-reported), it is now also in your Inventory Storage. (It stated animated, but mine is not. Already reported.) It also has a payout on it of $45 & 30XP every 8hrs. Sits on a 7×9 base.Romantic Thoroughfare



With the Event over, there is no longer a need or reason for Event Currency. So all those items that paid out have changed WHAT they payout now. (We got a LOT of “stuff” from this one. Lol.)

Valentine Griffin HouseGriffin House Valentine Skin: $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

Valentine Quagmire'sQuagmire’s House Valentine Skin: $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

Valentine Founding FathersFounding Father’s Valentine Skin: $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

Valentine Madeline's BoutiqueMadeline’s Boutique Valentine’s Skin: $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

Cumberbatch ManorCumberbatch Manor: $45 & 30XP every 8hrs

Mr Needlez Voodoo ShopMr Needlez Voodoo Shop: $40 & 10XP every 8hrs

McCounseling CenterMcCounseling Center: $30 & 25XP every 4hrs

Vajberry Bar and GrillVajberry Bar and Grill: $45 & 25XP every 8hrs

Lovely GreenhouseLovely Greenhouse: $45 & 25XP every 8hrs

Second Chances ChapelSecond Chance Chapel: $30 & 25XP every 4hrs

M-Otter-Cycle Benedict CumberbatchM-Otter-Cycle:  $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

wickedcocoaWicked Cocoa Chocolatier: $60 & 40XP every 12hrs

Clammy SecretsClammy Secrets: $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Pedigree Kitty's Delivery ServicePedigree Kitty’s Delivery Service: $60 & 40XP every 12hrs

Cuddler's Cove GazeboCuddler’s Cove Gazebo: $30 & 30XP every 8hrs

Brewhaha Carnival RideBrewhaha Carnival Ride: $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Caring CaricaturesCaring Caricatures: $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Beach Body GymBeach Body Gym: $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

Action Hero Jet 2600Action Hero Jet 2600: $45 & 30XP every 8hrs

Pigeon Delivery ServicePigeon Delivery Service: $45 & 30XP every 8hrs

Love Drone Delivery ServiceLove Drone Delivery Service: $140 & 45XP every 16hrs

Popcorn Ball PitPopcorn Ball Pit: $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Beautiful People's ClubQuahog Beautiful People’s Club: $45 & 20XP every 4hrs

L'Espece D'AndouilleL’Espece D’Andouille: $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Blossom's BlossomsBlossom’s Blossoms: $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Peter's Wifes CookiesPeter’s Wife’s Cookies: $45 & 30XP every 8hrs

NotBadCupidNotBadCupid: $45 & 30XP every 8hrs

driveinliquorLiquid Sorrow Liquid Store: $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Tunnel of Self-LoveTunnel of Self-Love: $45 & 30XP every 8hrs

Brookfield Insane AsylumBrookfield Insane Asylum: (Currently showing no $$-reported) 30XP every 8hrs



All those Event Currency tasks have now swapped back to regular paying ones or went away with the Event all together. Characters that had ONLY Event Currency Tasks or now swapped over to the same. $$ & XP. (A more detailed Character Profile will come later on them.)


There you go. Some basic changes that take place once an Event leaves our game. Did you notice any other changes we didn’t notate? What are you going to do with all the items from the Event? Let us know.



62 responses to “Changes AFTER Romancing The Clam

  1. New District / Update coming soon? Bueller? Bueller?


  2. Well sunday 110 pm est would really like to know whats going on with the update


  3. I’d like to see stone/brick walkways like the ones from the event and I’d really really really like the convention center from the comicon event. Still not giving up on that one


  4. Im so proud! I asked for the benches and now their in the game! I just have to Find a place for them now! Just have to!!


  5. Sigh I only repaired the romantic thoroughfare as I read here we got to keep a version of it afterwards. I thought that meant we got to keep a building to send people on dates (with cash/xp instead of hearts), not just another waste of space building that no characters interact with. Very disappointed considering the clam price of it, 200 clams for a building that’ll never leave my inventory is a tad much.

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  6. Arnie and Cumberbatch still full price? Surely should be cheaper as no event to help with, the people who bought during the event shouldn’t complain as they got their value in helping complete the event, to pay the same price now seems a bit greedy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is the flip side to that… people who DID pay full price would feel the same to see someone get the same Character a few days later for cheaper. It is a fine balance. Possibly months from now? Maybe. But a day later and discounted? I think that would be a slap in the face to players and unfair. I know I would be offended at it as I paid for both.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Hi Bunny,

        Maybe a bit soon granted, but my point stands if you bought them during the event they contributed something and you reaped the rewards so were worth their price ie more, now they don’t so are surely not worth as much? like January sales after Christmas if you went went without you’d got them cheaper or have the enjoyment on the day 🙂

        Hopefully after a round 2 of best of 2014 box we get a best of 2015 box.


        • I get that… but again, there is a flip side… they may STILL have a worth after the event that would compare to that during (honestly Benedict hit so late he really had no bearing on the Event). 😉

          Games run a lil differently than market sales, but I do understand what you are saying. I am just looking at it from a business stand point, you put something on sale days after it is bought… people will be back to DEMAND a refund for the difference. A very fine line. Months later, there is definite depreciation in value of an item so more of a possibility to put it on “sale” without extreme backlash. If you buy an iPhone today for $500 and it goes on sale tomorrow for $300, I would guarantee you would be heading back asking for a refund. Lol. Make sense?

          All that bigger picture mentality of things are not as simple as they seem. So much more complexity can go into a single item than a person assume does. 😉

          Another best of box would be cool in the future. I liked it. 😉


  7. Any ideas when the new district is going live as its sat 28th 6:21am here :p

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  8. Since the end of the Romancing the Clam event, I’ve noticed that my obsession for collecting HMVs has become an obsession for collecting boobytrapped Pies…

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  9. I’ve got cupid in my task bar to get things for him but of course the valentines and the cupid statue aren’t available. I assume the task to get him will disappear soon.
    I have the theater from the V-Day event but it doesn’t do anything but take up space. I hope it gets changed to cough up some coins, otherwise it will just get shoved into my inventory permanently, which would be a bummer as it is a cool looking building.


  10. welp, got stocked up on clams today and waiting…waiting…waiting for this NEW DISTRICT…or whatever is coming NEW?!?!…
    ughh,.i totally take back my “TinyCo., should let us take a week off anything new yet and to let us re-arrange our towns back to order after the Valentine’s event ends” comment i made a while ago LMAO.
    i’m definitely bored now and wanna spend some clams…FAST ahaaha ❤ 😉

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  11. Bunny,
    I contacted Tiny Co and they are working on making the Romantic Thoroughfare animated.


    • UH huh… been going back n forth with them all day on some items. 🙂 Hopefully it will get worked out soon. Thanks for the heads up too just in case we didn’t have the info. 😉


  12. I always get the updates when I’m supposed to, but my phone desktop icon is still the American Dad tie-in. Is that normal?


  13. I didn’t quite finish unlocking Cupid in time, but the quest to get stuff for him is still in my taskbar. I was very close, only needed to finish a couple actions. Should I just ignore this? I’d like to think i can get him. It’s clearly still allowing me the choice to buy Arnold and whats-his-face still, so apparantly not everything has ended…


  14. I wish they turned the decorative copies of the theater and cafe that we won from the box into actual burnings.

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  15. I need land, lots and lots of land. Too many buildings that I want to place. I want to make neighborhoods, my version of Disney World etc. I need land. 🙂


  16. My husband and I still have Valentine splash screen. No update in app area either. When will it change?


  17. I loved the last event. .Now I can create a Red Light District for Quagmire with all the Valentines Day swag!


  18. Thought we got to keep the theater too:(. Had to pay valentine’s to get it. Oh well–can’t have everything. Won’t be buying any clams for a while. We seem to have a slab water pipe broken/leak under our house and water is running out in front of the house and we are in a drought. $$$$


  19. I would have liked a chance to finish the quest lines I was in the middle of ^_^


  20. Wait, how did you get the Greenhouse??!!


  21. Looking forward to the final valentines survey always like seeing those. I would love to see a survey sometime on how many characters of the current 66 and how many of the 55 outfits people have.


  22. The happy wishes fountain finally works like it did in the event area, which is really cool. Plus, and I don’t know if this is a glitch, two statues, cupid’s and brian’s, and the fountain are giving me money. When clicked they don’t pop up like buildings though so that’s strange. Oh, and cupid is gone from his throne. Did they do that just for the people who got him? It would be weird to have two cupids in my town, but the deco looked much cooler with cupid tethered to it.

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  23. Cool article and I put up most stuff from the event that did not pay out plus thanks for the heads up about the benches I need to get them out since I did not know they were in inventory. It’s cool they pay out speaking of the benches. I have not nuked my town but have heard you could lose stuff or progress.


  24. I have a quest to get stuff to unlock Cupid still. What’s up with that? I can email you a screenshot if you want.


    • You don’t have to. We see many reports of it. Sometimes things will linger. You can try to go on if you want, but in the past… it just came to a stand still.


  25. Bunny, do you know if TC has fixed that thing with putting event items in storage? I want to put things away but I don’t want to lose anything.


    • What thing? So far, I just nuked my town and its all there.


      • It was that default setting we had talked about where putting event items in the inventory would cause them to disappear when the event ends. Is it safe to store items now?


        • They never really “disappeared”. I know there are times the counts seemed off, but the items were still there. Like I said. I JUST nuked my town like an hour ago and all my stuff is still there in Inventory. Proper counts. If you ever do see something missing and checked every single item in there… let them know right away. It all should be functioning proper now.


  26. Yeeh, where is that new district with the art things 😞


  27. Raise your hand if you nuked your town after the event.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Can you help me contact tinyco?! I repaired the romantic thoroughfare but don’t have it now. I checked my inventory 10 times!!!


  29. Ida’s bench is a 2 hour timer in my game.


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