Valentine’s Date Prizes Breakdown

Hey there Clammers!

Trying to figure out just what all these “Prizes” are for that you get awarded for sending Characters on the correct Date? Keep on reading below to see a more detailed breakdown of each one.

Go For a Walk DateGo on a Coffee Date

There are a TON of Date options for Characters in the game (see links at bottom of this post). Some even award you cool prizes. But just what are all these prizes and what do they do? Let’s take a peak.

(Remember, this is a one time award. Any additional dates by same two Characters will only result in just the Heart Payouts.)

Morning Arousal Coffee Section


Peter & Lois 5 Love Hearts Fire Hazard BedFire Hazard Bed

Fire Hazard Bed (Decoration): Sits on a 4×4 base. Not currently animated. The detail on the candles do give the impression that they are almost flickering though. Adds to an outdoor “Bedroom” themed area. Lol.


Chris & Meg 3 Love Hearts Brewhaha Carnival RideBrewhaha Carnival Ride

Brewhaha Carnival Ride (Building): Sits on a 6×6 base. Pays out 8 Homemade Valentine’s and 15XP every 4hrs. Not currently animated. Looks really cool in a theme park kinda area.


Meg & Peter 5 Hate Hearts Ultimate Couple’s BathroomUltimate Couples Bathroom

Ultimate Couple’s Bathroom (Decoration): Sits on a 3×4 base. Not currently animated. The detail on the candles do give the impression that they are almost flickering though. Also could add to an outdoor “Bedroom” themed area. Lol.


Romantic Thoroughfare Section


Ida & Brian 4 Love Hearts The Goosey GondolaGoosey Gondola

Goosey Gondola (Decoration): Sits on a 5×5 base. Not currently animated. It blends right into the grass around it. Would look cool in a regular park area or a Theme park area.


Glenda & Peter 4 Hate Hearts Lady MoonshineLady Moonshine

Lady Moonshine (Moving Decoration): This is similar to the other Moving Decorations like Meg’s Car, Mall Santa’s, and the T-Rex. The Horse will walk your sidewalks around Quahog. When tapped the horse does make a quiet neighing sound and also stands on it’s hind legs while kicking the front ones.


Glenda & Ida 4 Love Hearts Lovely GreenhouseLovely Greenhouse

Lovely Greenhouse (Building): Sits on a 6×6 base. Pays out 10 Homemade Valentine’s & 30 XP every 8hrs. If you look closely, you can see flowers from past events were used to decorate around it. Looks cool if you have more of them that you can create an entire Flower Garden area.


Herbert & Jake 4 Hate Hearts Lovey Dovey ArchesLove Dovey Arches

Lovey Dovey Arches (Decoration): Sits on a 1×3 base. Not currently animated. Would look cool in a Wedding themed area or a Love Park Setting.


For a complete list of the dates for each location, see the Morning Arousal Coffee post and the Romantic Thoroughfare post. For a complete guide on just how to do this all, see the How To Date post

There you have it. Some fun new items you can get just for sending Characters on a Date at one of the two locations. What do you think of these extra Prizes? Have you got any of these prizes yet? Do you have a favorite one? Let us know.



42 responses to “Valentine’s Date Prizes Breakdown

  1. Is there a way to get the cupid statue if i already got the asylum? Cupid came out after I completed the Bonnie affection line


  2. Peter & Lois have been at least three to four times now on a date, but still no Fire Hazard bed, only more hearts? The game has also been kinda slow and crashed down occasionally so can it just be lost forever? 😦 Thanks for answering.


    • You sure it is no where in your town or in your Inventory already? They are in no order there. Just random. I had to scroll by 6 times before realizing where it was in there.


      • Thanks Bunny! I had almost lost my hope when I thought, that I really have searched the Fire Hazard Bed from all over Quahog. I found it! Just guess where it was? Behind and between the office buildings – so it was impossible to see it without moving some of the office buildings which were blocking the sight. There should be some kind of mark that you´ve gotten certain prize, just like when you get prizes from collecting love/hate hearts. 🙂


  3. Just wondering if there was a list for movie dates?


  4. Thank you for this date list. It really helps on trying to figure out what i want to go for. On a side note….. I would of loved to have come to the meet and greet but alas its not to be. The Mrs. And I have a 9 year old and we would of loved to come and meet you all, but the age restriction is kind of a bummer. But thanks for the great sites and jobs you do on keeping us informed.


    • Sitter not an option? Sorry, we wanted to give people a chance to hang out and have a night “off”. Kinda like a “date night”. No kids aka distractions. Lol. That and if people choose to have an Adult Beverage, we do not want kids around. It wouldn’t be right. 😉


  5. Only a couple of my guys are able to go on dates? Most of my town doesn’t show up in the selection is there a reason for this?


    • Some characters are only available in one location, so it depends on WHERE you are trying to send them. Also, if they are on a task currently… the are not available to send on another task so wont show up in the dating icons until they are Free to do so.


  6. Can’t place brewhaha carnival ride keeps crashing my game any suggestions and is this a known issue?


  7. I haven’t even got the second prize yet


  8. I think that you are moving to fast I haven’t even got Glenda or repaired the bench I also don’t think I am going to get the third prize of the Valentine’s prize and I was hoping to get hot meg


    • Having glenda doesn’t effect weather you get hot Meg you have got to get the prizes before her and then enough for hot meg herself, also yes bunny uses clams so she can get ahead and tell us what’s up for when we get the quest lines I saved so much time and I just started Cheryl, witch I couldn’t have done without the site. being behind bunny is nothing to be worried about she’s as fast as lightning so now you know what to do


  9. I think that you are moving to fast I haven’t even got Glenda or repaired the bench


  10. Would really love it if TinyCo would fix this bug about Lois if you have Nerd Squatters. I’m not able to clear them because I just opened the area right before the event started and despite my frantic actions to gain the items to unlock Stewie or Falconeer Peter, I can’t get to the point to clear need squatters. Now I can’t send Lois on a date with Peter which means I can’t get the Fire Hazzard Bed. TinyCo’s response was “we’re working on,” but that’s what they said months ago when the American Dad event ended and I hadn’t unlocked Steve and he just sits there in limbo unable to be unlocked. I doubt they will fix the bug and players like me are stuck without being able to take advantage of the full event. Instead of working on new events, how about we fix the existing bugs first.


  11. Lois does not have the option of going on a date. I’ve searched through all her costumes and none of them allow her to go on a date. I would love to get the Fire Hazard Bed but I can’t.


    • There is a bug with District and the squatters that will interfere with the event. Due to this, if you are in that District… her option to date is disabled. They are working on a way around the issue. Just hang in there.


  12. I bet they will have the date cafe and date garden in the event area as prizes in the Rupert box at the end of the event to have in our towns


  13. I’ve collected all the prizes except for Lady Moonshine and the Lovely Greenhouse 😉


  14. Is cheryl timed? I am almost finished repairing her bench.


  15. Any update on items for Cheryl? I got a fan with Nathan and Felicia, but I really need the swimsuits and violins. Any pairing give those?


  16. The romantic throughfare doesn’t stay or anything, right? We’re just paying to fix it to use it for the event?

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Do any dating combinations drop items that you need for Cheryl?


  18. Lady moonshine is from the episode “and then there were fewer” when everyone is settling down for dinner Brian talks about being here with jillian and her boyfriend it then cuts to jillian thinking about lady moonshine, jillian then says “look hunny” to her boyfriend who then says how about that


  19. Sorry this isn’t a question about the post but for the last few days, if I go to Ollieland, the game doesn’t acknowledge that I went three after a few hours. I lose my money or clam and I have a notification on the screen to go back and visit it. A couple of the times my actions aren’t there either. I have to go back to have a character complete an action that I just had them complete or they are wondering around town because they never acknowledged that I told them to do something.


  20. Any idea if you are able to earn a 2nd asylum and if it will be beneficial? I have the one I earned during the previous event and I don’t know if I should go for the one in game or the Cupid statue. I really don’t want to lose out like I’d did on the liquor store bumper car thing (still hurt i didn’t get the liquor store!) any idea how many love/hate hearts are needed for the prize? If the Cupid statue is just a deco I won’t feel left out. I am thinking maybe the asylum will pay out hate hearts but….I think I want hot Meg so I would want love hearts! Any info on the voodoo shop so I can see if I should choose that instead of a new skin for Meg? Idk idk so much to think about when you aren’t given specifics about the prizes!


    • They only show the icons of upcoming due to player request so you would know where the Prizes are. The items don’t actually “exist” in the game yet, so until they’re are live and active…it’s impossible to say what they do. It’s all only speculation til they actually go live.


    • I thought I would lose out on the Liquor store, as I had over 100 Love Hearts at the time the prize rolled out. But, they dropped me back to 74 Love Hearts due to a programming bug, and I chose to make a run at Hate Hearts and earned the Liquor Store! It took 149 Hate Hearts in total to get back to the 75 required, but got what I wanted and didn’t have to settle for the Bumper Cars.


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