Romancing The Clam Verifications

UPDATE: TinyCo made a change in the game that will allow players to go ahead and get the final two Affection Meter prizes in the game WITHOUT getting to Phase 3. So if you are collecting hearts and were not quite there yet… you will be now. Thanks TinyCo for listening. 😉

Hey there Clammers!

Bouncing by to help you all out with questions/concerns we are seeing over and over in the comments section. So put them all in a tidy lil place to help you out.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

Trying to figure out why your Hearts keep resetting? Why you can’t see the new stuff? Why oh why oh why? Take a look below to see if these answers are for you.



There was a major issue TinyCo found before launching the update with Lois in District 7 & the Wizard Nerds that caused a glitch that would have not been good for players. Due to this, ANY player in District 7 will not be able to use Lois to date as she will be disabled until you are out of District 7.

mid life crisis lois

This also means you will not be able to complete some of the Dates that she is needed for to get the Date Prizes. There is currently not an alternate option to get these elsewhere.



PDA Hate Couple 1 Love PDA Couples Perfume Sprayer and Ida

In any game I have played, I run into this same issue. TOO much going on in the game and it starts to have image & graphic glitches, lagging, and even game crashing.

The main cause is just as I said… TOO much going on in the game outside. We have PDA Couples, Sprayers, Animated Buildings and items in the Event Area… add to this things we already had going on in our game. Outdoor animated tasks, Animated Buildings, Animated Decorations, Chumba Wumbas, Walking Decorations… the list goes on n on n on. Add to that if you are on a poor or weak signal for the game, if you have OTHER apps running in the background of your device (like Facebook or other games), memory getting a lil tight.

All of this will be a contributing factor to just how smoothly your game runs. I have tried a few different things myself to combat this and have offered the same info to you too. For those still seeking help for Crashing & Lagging, LOOK HERE.



Hot Meg 1Cupid Statue

In order to get to Phase 3, see the Rupert Mystery Box, and start the new 4th and 5th Affection Meter Prizes you need to have completed ALL of Phase 2 (My Funny Valentine Part 13) & start the Phase 3 questline (Can’t Buy Me Love).

If you have NOT completed My Funny Valentine part 13… you will NOT see any Phase 3 content. All info is in the Phase 3 Main Post. 



2015-02-20 01.47.03

See the info just above on Phase 3 Content. You won’t move on til you are in Phase 3. Until then, it will keep resetting to the amount one LESS than the prize your are going for to prevent a glitch. (Those on 1.6.8 Update will not experience the reset, just a constant collection.)

TinyCo released a patch to make it possible for ALL players to get the Phase 3 content while in Phase 2. So you can go ahead and start getting those prizes now before completing My Funny Valentine.



Homemade Valentine's Rupert Mystery Box

See the info just above on Phase 3 Content. You won’t move on til you are in Phase 3. If you are just looking to locate it in your game AFTER you unlocked Phase 3, check the Shopping Cart Menu as well as use the Heart Meter Icon in the lower Right corner to go to the Event Menu and launch it from there.Featured Items Phase 3 Valentine's MenuKeep in mind if you cleared all items, it will show an error message when empty. 



Cupid 1

First, see info above on Phase 3 Content. You won’t move on til you are in Phase 3. In addition, you will also need to progress in the NEW questlines to get to the point of unlocking his bench. AFTER Can’t Buy Me Love Part 6 this will appear. All the basics are in the Main rundown post. 



Cupid Timer

As of right now, we are being told he WILL go when the event ends. Regardless the amount of time left on his timer. If this changes, we will let you know. It is not that hard to unlock him though, so don’t worry too much. Just a few tasks, the statue, and Valentine’s Cards.


HOT MEG IS NOT IN THE RUPERT BOX, WHY?Cupid Statue Hot Meg Rupert Box

In order to see a Prize placed into the Mystery Box, you first must LOSE that item. That means in order to see Hot Meg placed in the Mystery Box… you will need to first WIN the Voodoo Shop and LOSE her. Once that happens, THEN she will appear in the Mystery Box for a chance to get her with Home Made Valentine’s.



Brookfield Insane Asylum

Yes and No.

Yes, if you go for the HATE prize you can win another Asylum for your town.

No, if you already have one and go for the LOVE prize an extra will NOT be placed in the Mystery Box to buy.



WHEN DOES THE EVENT END?Romancing the Clam End Date

If you look right into your game, you will see the countdown timer. Quick way to get there is tap on the Heart Meter icon in the lower right hand of the game and go to the Home tab. It will be right there.


There you go. Some of the main questions we are seeing from the game. Remember if you are having issues, try some Basics. If still not helping, please reach out to TinyCo for futher help.

What do you think of the last of the event? Have you got Hot Meg? Have you got Cupid? Did this help you out? Let us know.



94 responses to “Romancing The Clam Verifications

  1. Hi there =) quick q. the event ended but cupid box is still there you click on it but nothing happens and the two things I needed I did but it comes up like I still need to do it. what is going on?


  2. This sucks my game crashes about 20times or more a day. I have 231 hearts of the 350 I need for hot Meg. I have spent 30 bucks the last few days to do all I can to get her. I think I’m about over this game!


  3. So we cant get cupid after the event even thkugh all we need is the actions. I jjst started and it should be done today, but after the events end


  4. question. right now in my game, it says the event ends at 3pm PST. But it also says it ends in 14hrs and 34 min (it is 11:24 PST) if I do that math, it means the event ends at 1:58pm PST. So, Im confused. So…Does it end at 3pm or 2pm?


  5. How many times does Ida have to clear perfume sprayers? I’ve been on this nonstop for now the third day and they just keep spawning. I cannot get passed this level of My Funny Valentine and it’s starting to feel like maybe something is wrong with my game. Appreciate any and all feedback!


  6. I’m stuck on “she’s all that pt.2”. I won hot Meg days ago and have force closed my game multiple times. Sorry…I usually search through the message boards before asking, but is this a known issue? Any tips?


  7. How many hearts to get hot Meg?? I really really want to unlock her.


  8. Basically I was thinking of all of the hearts lost during resets….that is all. Now I seem to be collecting them at a slower pace because of the crashing.


    • they must have fixed something because my game was crashing I mean like alotta times since we started this Valentines event, BUT yesterday it’s running much more smoother and now 0 crashing is happening since 2 nights ago. 🙂
      i’m happy, now i can organize my town again to actually LOOK LIKE a town yasssh ❤


  9. Have there been any suggestions that we might be able to convert hearts / broken hearts into valentines? I need to know whether to waste time continuing the dates and the enamoured couples clearing now that I have Hot Meg… or whether those hearts will be wasted. The only way, for example, to make use of the Pewterschmidts and Brian (w Jillian) over the last couple days.

    A conversion of 1 heart to 10 valentines I think would be fair – and help contribute to the total needed for all the items in the Rupert Box…


  10. The last prizes I lost in the affection meter aren’t showing up in the mystery box. Which are the asylum and needle shop anyone else having this issue?


  11. Denise Darlington

    Why wasn’t it made clear at the begining that the cupid statue was esential to gain cupid. I have used nearly all my cards up and all I am getting from rupert are the items I didn’t want in the first place. Why not make it so that you can at least pick the item you need to be able to get cupid. It seems so unfair when people have played the game right through then end up unable to get the final character.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I am having an issue purchasing a valentine’s box worth 1000 valentine’s. I get a box that says “we have encountered an issue with your payment. Please contact community support for assistance” I tried to post the screen shot and failed. Any one having this problem? And recommendations? Thanks 🙂


  13. hello! Stupid question propably, but can I unlock the hot Meg costume before having unlocked Meg? I just Starter playing before the event and haven’t reached her yet… It would be very nice if the costume Gould be unlocked and would then wait for Meg to follow suit 😉


  14. Complain if its free complain if it costs.

    This is why they ignore people.


  15. Is it just me or are the couples appearing more frequently than every 3 hours? It’s great, I’ve rapidly got almost all the hearts needed for hot meg over the last couple of days. That combined with movie/coffee dates earning me 14 hearts every 4 hours.

    Only wish I could earn valentines cards as quickly in order to have enough for every mystery box prize 🙂


  16. Regarding game crashes, this is a problem that I have been dealing with ever since the comic con event. Depending on how complex events get, my game crashes between 1 and three times every time I play a round. It has been particularly frustrating with this event because whenever the game crashes during the 3 minute window of finding PDA couples, I lose my PDA hearts collected, and the PDA couples do not return once the game restarts. Then I have to wait another 3 hrs and keep my fingers crossed. I think Tiny Co, while aware of the issue, might direct more resources towards correcting it if they knew the full extent of how widespread the issues were. My guess is that most people who experience the issue, never both to report it. Might you ladies be interested in running a survey to help Tiny Co see how common the issue is? I know I’d be interested. Thanks as always for all your support and hard work.


    • They are aware. We send them feedback all the time. Thing is… it is not just their game. I have the same issue on a LOT of app games. Too much…and it freaks out. I think it is more something of pushing the boundaries of some cool thoughts and designs that not all devices can handle so well. They are constantly working on it. Trust me. All gaming houses we deal with are. There is a lot more to it.


  17. The only visual glitches i get are occasionally Perfume sprayers will disappear and reappear, Glenda goes into active camoflage mode when shooing the perfume ladies away, and my coffee shop has these crazy crayon scribble looking things that spaz on top of it when someone is in there. Same happens with the decor of it. When you rotate it the graphic glitch appears where it would be if u turned it 90 degress from when it is right on top of it.


  18. Bunny and Alissa, just wanted to thank you both. I just started playing this game at the end of January, so before I had a handle on it, this event started, and without the two of you and this site, I would have been sooo lost! *chuckle*


  19. I’m pretty upset because I didn’t realize that I already had the asylum until I won the second one, and I didn’t see a mention anywhere that it was a duplicate building. I obviously would have chosen to go the other way on that meter if I had known. I took my chances with the Rupert box, but now I’m out of valentines. Oh well.


  20. Everyone seems to be struggling but this is the first event I’ve ever finished! Just earned hot meg this morning and Cupid yay. I think it helped massively that I went for the Cupid statue and not needlez. But I’ve really enjoyed this event, normally I’m stressing lol


  21. Everyone seems to be struggling but this is the first event I’ve ever finished! Just earned hot meg this morning and Cupid yay. I think it helped massively that I went for the Cupid statue and not needlez. But I’ve really enjoyed this event, normally I’m stressing lol


  22. Will the perfume sprayers ever disappear? There is no real use for them that I can see, other than to suck up 2 hours of Glenda’s time that can be more productively used elsewhere.


  23. 😕 I’m only like 60 hearts out of 250 to get the Cupid statue maybe I will get it by event end but no chance I will get hot meg


    • Then be strategic. If you are slow with the pda couples.. Go broken hearts for voodoo and save your valentine’s to buy hot meg from the Rupert box.


  24. Well the new ability to unlock the last prizes before reaching phase 3 sucks for me because I was already at the last phase before this! Would have netted me hot meg to sure… I have to hustle to see if I can get her….probably won’t w/o buying more clams which I don’t want to do until next event.


    • That does not make any sense. You almost had her but now you do not? Explain?

      The ONLY thing that changed is the ability for people to get her sooner. It did not impact anything else.


  25. well this is my main concern now that TinyCo *EXTENDS THE VALENTINE’S EVENT*
    to at least another week or so because I AM SOOOOOOO CLOSE to getting everything completed, but I think I’m not gonna finish everything by the time the timer ENDS,. ohh jeeezz!!* lmao! like 29 Hate Hearts away from Mr.Needlez Voodoo Shop, just waiting on the 2 quests to be completed to unlock Cupid!, then to finish Cupid’s questline and whenever I can win Hott Meg in the mystery box
    (I’m only at like a little OVER 2,000 Valentines!!!) and THEN to start and finish Hott Meg’s questline!!! ughhhh. deep breaths DEEEEEEEEEP breaths!!,*lol ❤ 🙂


    • but out of everything, I definitely think that this event was great and ALOT of fun!!!*
      I’m getting and unlocking everything I wanted so far(which to me is EVERYTHING they release except for clam items lol)
      TinyCo., has REALLY outdone themselves especially making items and characters MUCH MORE obtainable and easier to get without buying or paying for clams!. I love how they listen too ALL feedback from us players and put every idea into works ❤ 🙂


      • Yep totally agreeing I am so far behind due to a *** power outage we had left me 3 days behind. Only got to phrase 3 now and it’s nearly 11pm over here so I lose another 9 hours leaving me just over 2 days to get to the stage where I can repair Cupids bench and get 100 more hearts for Cupid statue. I think this is one of the first events I’ve missed a mason character other than Jesus in the Christmas event. Thankfully tho Tinyco have made this an excellent event it was just unfortunate that I could not enjoy getting all the rewards of this event thanks to the universal bad weather. Thanks anyway Tinyco and especially Bunny and Alisha your information has allowed me to get closer and earn more prizes catching me up as much as I could. Let’s just hope Tinyco have an Best of 2015 event or extends the valentines event for those affected by weather. Lol I can dream 🙂 thanks again for ur help and great event Tinyco.


  26. I don’t really understand how, but I am way behind in this event. I only have 2 days and 19 hours left, haven’t even gotten to the point where I can unlock Cupid yet and am still working on getting Bonnie’s love meter. It is going to be tight if not impossible for me to get Hot Meg. I have been playing constantly too. I guess the crashes and freezing I keep getting doing the PDA couples have killed me. Hopefully the next event has a lot less crap wandering around our towns.


  27. Hi bunny and alissa! after you unlock the last prize of voodoo vs hot meg. ..there are no more prizes. However if you tap on the big heart in the valentine’s day arena you will see something quite interesting!


  28. Hello! I won Hot Meg a few days ago, but she hasn’t shown up as an actual skin I can assign tasks. The hearts I needed to win her are gone, and there is a check mark over the prize, so why no Hot Meg? I’ve already reached out to TinyCo, but haven’t heard back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  29. Anybody checked out Arnold’s Tank yet? Any possibility of getting some video of it “driving over things” posted or linked to the site? 60 clams isn’t a whole lot, so it might actually be worth it.


  30. Any word on if we’ll still be able to spend our valentines after the event ends?


  31. I just wanted to thank you gals for all the hardwork you guys put in getting us so much helpful info for this event. (And all other events too☺️) Because of it I was able to pace myself working to get hot Meg and Cupid today and I’ll have Ruperts box empty by tomorrow, then working to get some extra decorations before the event ends to add to my little Quahog. There were so many different combinations of dates I would have never been able to figure all the right combos for prizes and clams. Stay warm everybody and have a great evening!


  32. I doubt that I’ll be able to get Cupid as my storyline is stuck right now. Joe has to be level 10 in order to go undercover, and he’s at level 9 and holding up the last quest before the Cupid portion starts. Once again TinyCo shows its disdain for the lower level freemium players (although this isn’t nearly as bad as the money grub of the last event). At least I should be able to get Hot Meg. 😁


  33. Huh. I do not think I will be able to finish the whole event. I am still stuck on Lois’ Love/Hate meter (141 love). I got thrown for a few days, because when they changed the appearance of the Love PDA couples, I stopped getting them. That got fixed today, but I lost out on a whole lot of love because of it.


  34. I guess TinyCo is being nice and giving everyone an opportunity to get Hot Meg because I’m barely on Pt6 of My Funny Valentine. Or is this a glitch?


  35. After winning Hot Meg, is there any reason to collect hearts anymore? Or can I just tap all the PDA-ers.


  36. Worried about Meg I have 231 hearts


  37. if i unlock cupid and hot meg but don’t finish their quest lines when the event ends I still keep both correct?


  38. Hey bunny I’m concerned here in the southern states the power was off for a week I think tinyco should give us more event time. But my phone glitched and won’t let me send my message to tinyco.


  39. Might just be me, but this whole event felt really rushed. I’m still working on Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 3 and I play frequently throughout every day. Granted, I opted to stay freemium for this event, so I don’t have any extra characters helping me out, but I still feel like there’s been just barely enough time to accomplish everything–if not a bit too little time, without throwing money at it. Might be a good business model, but it sure is frustrating for many players and fans.


    • If a game for a freemium lasts from the moment it starts to the moment it ends and you can still earn a LOT of Freemium stuff… it is a success. That means they worked it out just right to fill that time and not have the players bored out of their mind just waiting for it to end. Look at those that did have more, that did rush… they are now asking “what now?” Which would you prefer? I am just curious.


      • I have unlocked Hot Meg and Cupid in my free game. I used 75 free clams on the chapel, but everything has gone smooth. With the chapel and 7 heart dates it took less than 3 days to get the 350

        I still don’t have Cupid in my premium game with arnie, but that’s just a scheduling thing on my part.


      • For me, freemium player, I need to come up with 4k valentines to ensure I get hot Meg and Cupid (less if those come up as rupert prizes quicker) But I think this event overall was very easy, even taking huge chunks of time away to, you know, sleep and do other things. J/s Now Stewie, I’ve been trying to unlock since before X-mas…that is ridiculous!


  40. I am definitely going to be able to get Hot Meg, I have 266 hearts and I get 70-90 a day… But I’m on a mad dash to get the Cupid Statue for Cupid. I would feel a lot better if you could use clams to finish him…


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