Heart Reset Is HERE!!

UPDATE: This will ONLY Impact players still on 1.6.7 Version or lower of the game. If you are on 1.6.8 and this happened, please let us know right away. 

If you are not sure your version, go to your app market and to the FGTQFS App and see what Version it shows in the details. You can also check there to see if you missed the latest update for the game. 


Hey there Minions,

Love Heart Hate Heart

Bouncing by really quick to let you know the next phase of prizes will be launching really soon. And just as before… to avoid a MAJOR glitch and you being locked out of the Event… TinyCo’s fix in place WILL reset your Heart count to 1 LESS than the Prizes coming up.

So for you eager collectors of Hearts, if you have too many your counts are about to drop. 124 Hate is what I am seeing. Let me know if you see different on the love side (like 224).

Don’t worry, this will NOT impact the final prizes. Your counts would have reset to Zero anyway once you got the 4th prizes. EVERY level restarts at Zero no matter how many leftover you have.

FYI…. this means to STOP collecting them. Keep the HATE Hearts at 124 and the LOVE Hearts at 249 to avoid issues. Also, if yours has not reset just yet… wait, it will catch up eventually. 



140 responses to “Heart Reset Is HERE!!

  1. I’ve had a bad glitch that seemed kind of random at first, right after the start of the Valentine’s event and is now almost constant. It’s to the point now where I’m only barely hanging in there because I’ve enjoyed the game so much up until this point, but I am close to giving up. The glitch is like the screen is having a seizure…freezing up and then unfreezing for a second or two before continuing to freeze. Am I the only one experiencing this?


  2. So I am trying to collect the hate prize and I am at 129 hates but the affection meter isn’t moving at all.
    All that is says is to come back soon since the people still need help in finding love


  3. I have 1.6.8 version and i gather more than 125 broken hearts (132) and i got no prize for it. There is something i can do to fix this?? Thanks in advance


  4. I didn’t get the hate prize and my game is fully updated. It now shows Bonnie and Meg unlocked as characters in the middle character part of the affection meter, but I haven’t been awarded the asylum and I have more than enough hate hearts. I have forced close, rebooted my phone and its still not awarding me asylum and resetting hearts to get started on hot meg or voodoo shop. I contacted Tinyco but it can take them days to respond.
    I’m on Funny Valentine 12 and will be on 13 in a few hours..The questline never affected the affection meter award previously..so I’m not sure where the issue is. Help!!!


    • Here’s my guess…and i’ll try to confirm with TC later today once they’re open…if you already have the Asylum it won’t give you another one. So it just doesn’t award the prize. That’s what I’m thinking is going on, but again I’ll confirm with TC later today.


  5. So the new phase has rolled out, Bonnie shows as the 4th person in the love/hate prizes, I’ve got 247 hates, but no asylum. Am I missing something, still need to complete certain tasks perhaps?


  6. So i’m confused. I have 98 hate hearts, but the meter still stays in the middle. I’m trying to collect the Brookfield insane asylum and i’m at part 6 of the my Funny valentine.

    The update isn’t for the app store? Is that possible? I still have the 1.6.7 version in the app store


  7. So I could switch to the hate side and get the prize quick and just buy Meg from the mystery box huh. Not bad……..I probably won’t though since I have nothing but time anyway.


  8. Different colored pda couples?


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