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Tan Lines District Main Questline: Show Me Your Tan Lines

Hey there Sun Burnt Bodies!

With the New Tan Lines District now in the game for all Players, I wanted to focus back on the Main Questline for the District, Show Me Your Tan Lines.

Remember, the Districts are here to stay. Take your time, enjoy, have fun, get to them when you can.

Tan Lines Luxury Resort Unlocked

Let’s take a look at Show Me Your Tan Lines and all you will encounter along the way.   Continue reading


Giggity Giggity Giddy Up “SPOILER CONTENT!”

Well Hey Howdy Hey there y’all!

I reckon y’all not be from round these here parts? Well how bout hitchin up y’alls horses and sitting fer a spell. I’m bout to tell a tale of a Great Western storm that is a blowin this way. Family Guy Decoration Cowboy Continue reading