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Desperately Seeking Carl

Hi there fellow movie fans!!!

This post is for my fellow addicts who didn’t unlock Carl during The Hauntening. We know a lot of you missed out from our end of event poll, and of course from the disappointment you shared in the comments. Many of you felt the late arrival of Carl during Case 1 combined with issues with drops curtailed your progress in bringing this much-loved character to your Quahogs.


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Tan Lines District Main Questline: Show Me Your Tan Lines

Hey there Sun Burnt Bodies!

With the New Tan Lines District now in the game for all Players, I wanted to focus back on the Main Questline for the District, Show Me Your Tan Lines.

Remember, the Districts are here to stay. Take your time, enjoy, have fun, get to them when you can.

Tan Lines Luxury Resort Unlocked

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Tan Lines District 101: Daily Quest For Stuff

Hey there Beach Goers!

Bouncing on by with some details and information in regards to the New Tan Lines District.

When the New Tan Lines District was finally launched to all Players, the Daily Quests were released too. I wanted to go through a few of them first before posting some Stats on them, and now that I have some I will share just what I am seeing.

Stewie Bucks Pop Up Details Palm Tree Button

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