Desperately Seeking Carl

Hi there fellow movie fans!!!

This post is for my fellow addicts who didn’t unlock Carl during The Hauntening. We know a lot of you missed out from our end of event poll, and of course from the disappointment you shared in the comments. Many of you felt the late arrival of Carl during Case 1 combined with issues with drops curtailed your progress in bringing this much-loved character to your Quahogs.


So what I wanted to ask you is whether you think this as a time when TinyCo should be utilising the Tan Line Resort by making Carl available to buy for Stewie Bucks, giving those who missed him another chance to get him freemium. Tell us what you think by answering the poll below, and of course feel free to give us any alternative ideas to bring back Carl in the comments.

***But remember, we aren’t TinyCo, so we can’t guarantee if you ask for it, it will happen, but believe me Bunny will badger them. Given you a nice vision of Bunny disguised as badger now haven’t I? Lol***

~ Russian Tigger

20 responses to “Desperately Seeking Carl

  1. Carl is now being utilized in the new Morphin Power Rangers event that ends 4/19/17 I dont have him which sucks so it would be nice if they gave us another chance to get him


  2. It happened with greased up deaf guy after a rubbish drop/broken event, lets pray for carl


  3. Maybe Tiny Co could bring Carl back as one of the free to earn characters in The Best of 2016 event, I managed to unlock him and feel that he should definitely be brought back in some free to earn format as he’s one of the fan favourite characters.


  4. It’s a yes for me.. Though I would rather Carl is brought back in another event.. Earning Stewie Bucks takes forever for me but better than none offered at all.. What I would prefer as a more radical change is for more characters to be offered as premium to be bought with clams like Consuela.. For now just too few of such characters for sale.. Most of us started late and sucks that we missed out on many fun characters.. Like American Dad event.


    • That’s what they used do with the Best of mystery boxes, they were great for catching a few missed characters. I think my thoughts on putting Carl in Tan Lines is if it takes a good bit of time to unlock him this way, then anyone who paid clams to finish unlocking him can’t really be mad as you’ve devoted your time to get him which is in my opinion just as valuable as spending money.


  5. I understand the frustration of missing out on characters, and why some might think that the Tan Lines resort might be a good way to get a second chance at them. But there may be a few reasons why this might actually be a bad idea.

    Consider that it took around 6 months for most people to unlock Evil Monkey – and countless more are still working towards him. Do you really want to chisel away for months on end just to get a single character? If they made just 2 more characters available, it would be another year or more before you finally unlocked them both.
    Then, the Consuela factor is also relevant where items re-appear at either a cheaper rate or are easier to obtain. This is like a slap in the face to those who tapped and tapped to earn something or paid real money in the first place. Not that there is anything wrong with offering an item again, but it should come at the same cost (task-wise or monetarily) as it did originally – just to be fair to players who already have said item.

    Some of you might remember when TinyCo did something a while back where they offered the chance to earn a bunch of characters that had previously gone away – where you still had to unlock them by collecting items. In my opinion, that would be the way to go. Even if it became a constant feature where, let’s say once per month, you have the chance to select a past character to unlock – by buying their home building and collecting items via tasks.

    The point being that there are a multitude of ways that TinyCo could make past characters available again, but the StewieBucks method takes too long and the currency drops are far too unpredictable for me to be enthusiastic about it…

    Anyway, good luck on pestering TinyCo to bring back Carl – no matter how they do it, I know a lot of people would be very appreciative to get a second chance at him.


    • I actually didn’t mind the “grind” to get Evil Monkey, I quite enjoyed knowing he would be there once I got the Stewie Bucks, no rush, no stressing. But I know others aren’t quite as patient. I liked they brought back Star Trek for those who missed out, but then others said they were bored as nothing new. Me I enjoyed the break, lol. I also know the return of Giant Chicken didn’t work out so well, as many missed him second time around also. It’s hard to make every player happy, but it’s great that people, like yourself, share their thoughts on how it should go. Thanks for taking the time.


    • I wouldn’t mind any of those things. I’m still struggling to get Evil Monkey (but I have my second gold buck, yeahhh), but I’d love to get more characters to buy from the resort even though they could take me forever. Items in Tan Lines are not going anywhere, so we can be as slow as we like; no need to hurry. And I think it would be kind of fair if the return characters in Tan Lines take you a long time. They’re giving you a second chance, so it’s ok if it’s not easy.
      And what if something returns at a lower price later? It’s just how things are in real shops too. One day you buy a t-shirt and the following week the shop is offering discounts. It’s life. I struggled a lot to get 400 clams to buy Cleveland. Some months later he was on a discount for 200 I think, and then he was released (given practically) by 1000 coins. It’s not such a big deal.
      All methods of bringing cahracters back other than clams are alright for me. 🙂

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  6. They gave us another chance at unlocking the greasy runner guy, so that would work also especially if they gave us a whole long event to get him this time to compensate for our deep depression over missing him the first time. Just not premium, please. Some of us are on a strict clam budget!

    The problem with the short unlock times tied to a date rather than a time period is that it not only gets messed up when a player is delayed from placing the character for any reason, but also doesn’t give TinyCo time to deal with any universal glitches and slow drop rates that they say are dropping normally but we all know they aren’t because TinyCo has to fix them or else we’re all stuck in phase 1 for weeks… TinyCo, we love you dearly, but sometimes you are in deep denial about drop rates!


  7. Honestly, they should make all characters available for purchase through tan lines and Stewie bucks. I’ve also got in excess on 10+ million of coins that are worthless too. Maybe be able to trade them for Stewie bucks. Just spit balling ideas.


    • I agree, I have 20 million coin’s and nothing to do with them. Already have evil monkey and the pharaoh and considering that land is scarce, I pass on all decorations unless I have to purchase them for an event. However after purchasing, straight into inventory they go. I would like very much to be able to sell some of these useless inventory items. Hey TinyCo, how about a sale button in inventory !!


  8. I’d like to see a future episode of Family Guy with Carl in it, proclaiming “Investigation Failed!”


  9. I wish they’d eventually make everything premium into another way to get whatever it is at the time, but they won’t ever do that.


    • They would maybe worry abut upsetting those who paid premium for them. It’s happened before with Consuela


      • I think they ought to make him winnable in another event. Yes I get it that some forked out hard earned clams, but what is the percentage of players that actually do that? If it’s less than say 20 % I think they could bring them back , that could go for most characters actually. It’s like tech these days, some people paid a thousand dollars or more for a computer which a year later could be had for half of that. In the meantime I’ll just watch more archer to get my dose of Carl’s voice!


        • I don’t mind personally if they bring back a character I paid clams for, it’s just the way of the world, things get cheaper with time. But if someone has to make an effort over weeks/months unlocking a returning character in Tan Lines, then I’d say they’ve earned right to have the character. They’ve dedicated their time, to me that’s just as valuable as money.

          They do sometimes bring characters back in an event but with events already top heavy on content, it’s tough adding that on for players as well. Just my thoughts on that.


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