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The Hauntening Weekly Challenge – Week 5 – Fangs For Visiting

Look out as something wicked this way comes, but what, but what?  It’s the  Weekly Challenge!  Yes week 5’s challenge is hurtling upon us….. Help!!!


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After a month or more of thrills and chills in our games, Halloween is finally here. It’s trick or treat time and I hope many of you will be spending the evening either giving out or gathering candy. Although I wouldn’t recommend going to the extremes Stewie does to get your sugar fix.


Halloween is the one day that Bunny is allowed to leave the basement to chase a trail of candy, just hope she doesn’t end up in the crate next to James Woods at that secret government warehouse. Guess we will need to wait until sunrise to find out if she’s back where she belongs.

So whether you celebrate Halloween or not we wish you all a truly frightful day, but in a fun way of course.

~ Russian Tigger, Bunny & Lotty

The Hauntening Premium Character Profile: Peter Venkman

Ecto-1 is go!!!

When there’s something strange and all that, who you gonna call? Well, will Peter Venkman will do for a start? I hope so as he’s hanging around waiting and hoping we’ll drop some of our hard earned clams to bring him to Quahog.

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The Hauntening Premium Character Profile: Billy The Puppet

Here’s Billy!!!!

Looks like things are taking a turn for the sinister in Quahog with the release of a new creepy character, Billy the Puppet. Bet you never saw that coming.

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Where the Hell….? Exorcist Mort

It would appear Mort has had a change of religious persuasion, appearing in The Hauntening event as nothing less than a catholic priest. But is this the first time Mort has played priest dress up? No it’s not as he’s dawned the cassock before in the Family Guy episode Road To Germany, (Series 7, Episode 3).

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Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

Hello There Addicts Asylum Patients!

Having a fun day? Lots of stuff on your mind? Just want to ramble on about anything and everything? WELL TOO BAD!!!

Addicts Asylum Patient Zero

Errr, I mean… Here is the place where you can do it. Have something cool you want to share with your fellow readers/Addicts? Have something on your mind that you just want to get off it? Have a million dollars? Having a mental breakdown like me? Lol.

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Where the Hell….? James Woods

We’ve had James Woods Regional High in our tiny towns since the release of District 4 but it’s taken another 2 and a half years for the man himself to appear in Quahog as part of the current Halloween event, The Hauntening. As well as the James Woods character himself the event also brought us a premium costume for him,  Peter James Woods. But just where have we seen the man and this costume before? Well he’s made quite a few appearances in Family Guy and I’m going to highlight them here.

James Woods Crate

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The Hauntening Case 3: Characters & Buildings That Drop Stuff

Hey there Scream Queens!!!

Case 3 of The Hauntening is now live in our games and more characters and buildings  have tasks to help us earn even more stuff! So keep reading to learn what’s new this week.


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The Hauntening: Case 3 – Frankenstein

Hey there! Let’s do the mash, the monster mash!!!

With Case 3 underway I just wanted to give a little update regarding what that jolly green giant wandering our hotels is up to now. Yes, Frankenstein is still with us and now has a new drop which will help us unlock Egon Spengler.

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The Hauntening 101: Clearing Vampires

Who fancies a trip to the blood bank???

Well I guess just paying a visit is certainly better than being the blood bank, isn’t it? Or don’t I speak for all of you? I think we’ll just leave that conversation there and get back to the Vampires who have now descended upon the Rocky Point Hotel. And believe me when they come a tapping at the windows you’re going to want to let them in as they drop stuff we want.

Vampires arrived as part of Case 3 and in this post you’ll see exactly what it takes to summon these bloody monsters to our hotels in order we can clear them out, (clear them out for the count even), as believe me we don’t want an army of vampires taking over our Hotels.  Continue reading