After a month or more of thrills and chills in our games, Halloween is finally here. It’s trick or treat time and I hope many of you will be spending the evening either giving out or gathering candy. Although I wouldn’t recommend going to the extremes Stewie does to get your sugar fix.


Halloween is the one day that Bunny is allowed to leave the basement to chase a trail of candy, just hope she doesn’t end up in the crate next to James Woods at that secret government warehouse. Guess we will need to wait until sunrise to find out if she’s back where she belongs.

So whether you celebrate Halloween or not we wish you all a truly frightful day, but in a fun way of course.

~ Russian Tigger, Bunny & Lotty


6 responses to “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. Overwhelmed Daily Player

    Pretty sure it’ll be some Christmas event. Didn’t really care for the last one. Waaayyy too much going on. I didn’t even unlock the last area last year after playing several times a day and had Nutcracker Stewie helping and Snake and Sarah Connor…oh god! Flashback 😣


  2. Did I miss an announcement about the x-files characters? I thought that was the whole point of the aliens/FBI Lois


  3. any idea when or what the next update will be? hopefully a new district as I’m getting annoyed with timed events over and over again


    • Cant say what it will be but I don’t think it will be a district. Perhaps a mini event, but we won’t know until it hits.


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