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The Hauntening Event Poll, Where Are You??!!

Hey there all you Paranormal investigators.

With the timer running down on Case 1, I wanted to get an idea just where in the Case players are.

Feel free to look at the questions in the Poll and answer all that apply to YOU.

Just in case you have issues seeing the Poll, here is the direct link.


~Russian Tigger

The Hauntening Weekly Challenge – Week 2 – Extraterrestrial Exterminator

UPDATE: It seems there’s some scattered reports of iOS users crashing while trying to play. The information so far has been vague. In order to help you further, those experiencing the issue please message TinyCo from your games with as much detail as possible.

  • What device you’re playing on? Version?
  • When did the crashing start?
  • Does it happen only when trying a specific task or action? If so, explain.
  • Any recent changes to your device? (Such as a recent iOS/Apple update, not TinyCo)

Any information you feel would be useful. You’re welcome to send the information via Addicts email to be passed on if you’d like to, but we would also need your Player ID so they can access your game if needed. familyguyaddicts@gmail.com


Look out as something wicked this way comes, but what, but what?  It’s the  Weekly Challenge!  Yes week 2’s challenge is hurtling upon us….. Help!!!

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The Hauntening Premium Character Profile: FBI Lois

Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with FBI….

So things really went bump in the night when TinyCo surprised us with a load of new content on Thursday including an Extraterrestrial Mystery Box which contained this cool new FBI Character Costume for Lois.

And this costume comes with an added bonus as FBI Lois can clear those pesky spacemen. But what else can she do in our games? Well keep reading and I will share all her FBI secrets below.

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The Hauntening Character Profile: Little Green Man

LGM, LGM, Ooooo!!!

Yes a Little Green Man has arrived in Quahog, but you’re going to have to really reach for the stars if you want to unlock him, as he’s the freakin’ hard prize in the Week 2 Concierge.

I’ve got to say he’s one of those fun quirky characters I love to see in the game but what can he actually do in our silly l’il games, well keep reading and you’ll find out.


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