The Hauntening 101: Clearing Vampires

Who fancies a trip to the blood bank???

Well I guess just paying a visit is certainly better than being the blood bank, isn’t it? Or don’t I speak for all of you? I think we’ll just leave that conversation there and get back to the Vampires who have now descended upon the Rocky Point Hotel. And believe me when they come a tapping at the windows you’re going to want to let them in as they drop stuff we want.

Vampires arrived as part of Case 3 and in this post you’ll see exactly what it takes to summon these bloody monsters to our hotels in order we can clear them out, (clear them out for the count even), as believe me we don’t want an army of vampires taking over our Hotels. 

For more information on the Event, go HERE


In order to be able to start seeing Vampires in Rocky Point you will need to be in Case 3 and progress the Main Questline to Return to Rocky Point Pt 16. At that point you will be instructed to Learn About Vampires. Clicking Go will bring up instructions on finding vampires and subsequently clearing them.

At this point you have will also trigger the ability to collect the seeds needed to release vampires in your hotel.


When Pt. 16 of Return to Rocky Point triggers you will be asked to unlock The Garden, this is  where vampires like to hide out. At first the only room I could investigate vampires in was The Garden, but after my first investigation they appeared in The Secret Room, The Library, The Kitchen and That Garden in my game.

***Room release information is as verified in my game but please note what can be released and from which room keeps changing in my game, so you may see something different***


You will need seeds to entice vampires from their hiding places.

Seeds (Rare): Quagmire Paint on a Costume OR Mort Hand Out Candy Corn OR Jerome String Up Spiderweb OR Herbert Take Pictures of Kiddie Costumes OR Bruce Binge On Candy OR James Woods Peter Steal Peter’s Identity OR Tomb Depot (Conceirge) OR Clam Options in Shop


This is pretty simple once you’re armed with a seed, click on the exclamation mark in any of the rooms. This will bring up the investigation screen where you can see what kind of supernatural spirit is available, vampires can be investigated in 4 rooms in my game at the moment: The Secret Room, The Library, The Kitchen and The Garden. You can see if they are available in a room by looking at the bottom, there will be a box that shows vampires and the cost to investigate them.

To try to release a vampire you just tap on the magnifying glass and this will start the investigation of the room. It takes 6 hours to investigate and once complete you will see a check mark. By tapping the check mark you will find out if your investigation was successful. Now be aware you DO NOT always release vampires, sometimes your investigation fails, when this happens you will only get a reward of a magnifying glass.


However when you’re investigation is successful you will see a screen that shows how many vampires you have released into Rocky Point.

You can keep repeating the investigations as long as you have enough seeds available. Here are some of Bunny’s test results:

Bunny’s Release Results for Vampires…
0, 2, 0, 0, 2, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 2, 1

Investigation 1: 0 Vampires
Investigation 2: 2 Vampires
Investigation 3: 0 Vampires
Investigation 4: 0 Vampires
Investigation 5: 2 Vampires
Investigation 6: 1 Vampires
Investigation 7: 0 Vampires

And here’s my results to date:

Investigation 1: 0 Vampires
Investigation 2: 2 Vampires
Investigation 3: 2Vampires
Investigation 4: 2 Vampires
Investigation 5: 1 Vampires


If your investigation was successful clearing the released vampires is simplicity at its best, just look around Rocky Point for any vampire and tap on it to clear it.


Vampires drop the following:

Per Vampire Cleared:
 3 Blood Bags
image1 Proton Pack

There you have it, the frightful facts about vampires. What are your thoughts? Have you started to clear vampires yet? If so, are you enjoying this bloodsucking addition to our games? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “The Hauntening 101: Clearing Vampires

  1. I just saw an animation of a vampire popping up in the billiard room, which is weird considering that I can’t search for vampires in the billiard room. 😜 I’m at Almost out of the Woods pt. 7.


  2. I can find vamps in the kitchen, the fountain room, the room with the purple couches and red pillows, the fireplace room, the secret room rooms on the side, but not the billiards, piano or music rooms. Seeds are dropping nicely, and the vamps released the proton packs generously!


  3. Well, searching for bogeymen unlocked all rooms except the first two, however i can’t find anything to unlock those two!


    • Glad you’ve increased the rooms you can investigate it, at Pt. 3 of Almost Out of the Woods you’ll unlock The Den also.


  4. I can only search for vamps in the garden, all the other rooms are locked for them still, its going to make me miss getting egon!!! arrgh. I have searched for all the other critters in all rooms, nothing is fixing that problem.

    I’m on Almost out of the Woods part 1


    • Hopefully you’ll see more options as progress, you’ve still time for them to open and the Proton Packs have been good for an Extra Rare item. You could send an in game support message to TinyCo if you think theirs an issue with your game. But the rooms available has changed for every case for me.


  5. On my first round of all four rooms only the garden released a vampire. Second round, all four released one. Round three will finish soon.


    • Thanks for sharing. And if you progress through Almost Out of the Woods Questline, at Pt. 3 you will unlock The Den, where they also like to lurk.


  6. I know what to do to trigger vampires in the rooms. Search for a ghost in fireplace room. Search for poltergeist in hidden room with scull altar. Search for poltergeist in the kitchen. Every time the investigation failed and triggered the option to search for vampires in that room.


    • They automatically triggered for me, but thanks for sharing what worked for you, also progressing through the Almost Out of the Woods Questline to Pt. 3 will see you unlock The Den

      Liked by 1 person

  7. This worked for me – I searched the Kitchen, Library and Secret Room for ghosts. Afterwards, I was able to search vampires in each of these rooms.


  8. I contacted TinyCo regarding my problem whith only one room where I could search for vampires. They answered and told me to search for other entities in the other rooms and after I did that the option to search for vampires opened up in more rooms.


    • Others are recommending doing this and saying it worked for them. I can’t test myself as I was able investigate vampires in quite few rooms after the initial investigation in the garden.


  9. Only the Garden has them for me too. Had 3 investigations with the results 0, 1, 0


  10. Where is FBI Lois?


  11. On my third attempt at summoning now. First two times failed. So far only the garden has vamps for me.


  12. I’m on my 4th search. The garden is still the only room available for vampires in my game. My results: 0, 0, 1, …


  13. So far I can only release from the Garden and the Kitchen, second set of investigations hasn’t finished yet, but I got 0 and 1 from those, respectively. Getting plenty of seeds, so once more rooms open up for investigation I should be sent…stuck on the first quest this week until then, though.


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