The Hauntening – Death in the Family Mystery Box

It’s a mystery, oh it’s a mystery, and we’re still searching for the truth….

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any scarier in our Quahog’s, Case 3 has descended upon us like a vampire tapping at your window to be let in, bringing with it a heap of new content which includes the Death in the Family Mystery Box and it’s full to the brimstone with a new character, returning characters and event currency.

If  you ALREADY have any of the returning characters you won’t see them in the Mystery Box… because you own them already.

Cost ~ 175 Clam Icon clams per try

The prizes should you wish to try your luck are:


Billy the Puppet (character)
Death (character)
Death’s Mom (character)
Death’s Dog (character)
185 Clams
17 Sulphur
8 Skeleton Keys
30 Lightning Bolts
6 Blood Bags

***Be aware that materials can repeat.

We can’t give you any odds on these, they really are a game of chance as to what or who you will get, so the decision is yours whether to risk your clams on these fellow addicts. But here is what Bunny got on her tries (note she already had all the returning Death family so they weren’t available in her box):

17 Sulphur
8 Skeleton Keys
6 Blood Bags
6 Blood Bags
30 Lightning Bolts
30 Lightning Bolts
8 Skeleton Keys
Billy the Puppet (Character)

Did you chance your luck? Were you lucky? Did you get what you wanted? Share your luck, good or bad, in the comments.



4 responses to “The Hauntening – Death in the Family Mystery Box

  1. I just got Death’s dog using my only 175 clams! Very happy with the outcome 🙂


  2. I had asked them for an opportunity to get Jason.. They didn’t and I already had the deaths, so for once I get to keep my money.


  3. Had all the Deaths from their time, had no interest in anything else – easy decision.


  4. Yeah, just skipping the mystery box, as usual. A general rule I’ve followed is to assume the worst luck, since that seems to be what happens based on your opening of the boxes. So the only time I’ve bought them has been when I would be happy with literally any item (or combination of items, say a 100 clam box with one thing I would pay 200 clams for and something I wouldn’t pay anything for, both unique), such as several of the all-characters boxes that have been released.


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