Where the Hell….? Exorcist Mort

It would appear Mort has had a change of religious persuasion, appearing in The Hauntening event as nothing less than a catholic priest. But is this the first time Mort has played priest dress up? No it’s not as he’s dawned the cassock before in the Family Guy episode Road To Germany, (Series 7, Episode 3).

It all starts when Mort mistakes Stewie’s time machine for a toilet, easy mistake to make I guess. However this innocent wrong turns soon becomes a nightmare of epic proportions for Mort when he finds himself transported to Warsaw, Poland.

Finding himself in a synagogue surrounded by dead relatives, he at first believes himself to be in heaven, but it isn’t long before he realises he’s in hell, as he’s gone back in time and arrived in Warsaw on 1st September 1939, only the day Nazi Germany invaded Poland, starting WW2.

When Stewie and Brian realise what Mort has done they immediately follow, taking with them the return pad needed to bring Mort home. But there’s a flaw in their plan, when the trio attempt the return journey they find the return pod isn’t working.

Whether it’s down to bad luck, bad timing, whatever, this is definitely not the time or place for a Jewish man to be wandering around. Stewie & Brian decide they must save Mort from the Nazis, and how will they do this? Well they will hide his religion behind, well another religion, and this is where we’ve seen Mort dressed as a Catholic Priest before.


However the disguise doesn’t fool the German soldiers patrolling the border and soon they are running for their lives. A handy motorbike and U-Boat aiding their escape during an epic battle that finally sees them arrive safely in England.

After closer examination of the return pod, Stewie finds the problem, it’s plain run out of uranium fuel. And would you believe it, the only place to get some is right in the heart of Nazi Germany, Berlin.

And the easiest way to get there? Joining the Royal Air Force and flying over in style in a Lancaster Bomber. Arriving in the heart of enemy territory Stewie puts the next part of his plan into action as he disguises himself as Adolf Hitler. With Brian & Stewie dressed as his guards he is then able to get the uranium he needs to get them home.


But just when they think they’ve got away with it, they bump into the real Hitler, who promptly orders them to either sing, dance and be merry for him, or face execution. Luckily they face neither fate as Stewie quickly transports them back to Quahog.

So there you have it, now you know exactly where the hell you’ve seen Exorcist Mort before. Do you remember this episode? Or maybe you’ve never seen it. If so do you now plan to watch it? And for those who have seen it can you tell me which film series the ‘Road to…’ episodes parody?

~ Russian Tigger



4 responses to “Where the Hell….? Exorcist Mort

  1. No, he was taken from my game during this whole mess. So angry with TC.


  2. The good thing about Exorcist Mort is that I earned him before the game unlinked me, four days later he was gone and no chance to earn him again.


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