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There’s No Place Like Quahog 101: Flying Monkeys

I guess it’s true what they say. It’s all fun and games until the flying monkeys show up, lol.

I know these winged marauders have terrified many a child who’s found themselves over the rainbow, but  fear not as I’m going to help you find the courage to beat these Flying Monkeys, and believe me when I say it that what TinyCo have come up with to help us is truly bananas.

With so much going on in the first day or two of an event I know you all feel like you’re in the eye of a storm as a tornado of information is thrown your way, but we’re here to break it down so you can follow the yellow brick road without worrying about all that monkey business.

Winged Monkeys

So let’s take a closer look at the new content released in Week 1 of There’s No Place Like Quahog and see exactly what it takes to get these monkeys off our backs. Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Quahog Main Questline: Once Upon a Rainbow

Hey There… ummm… people…. ummm… If I only had a Brain…

TinyCo has gone OVER the Rainbow and dumped a bunch of colorful sparkly stuff into our silly lil Quahogs.

With the New Event, that means that there is now a New Main Questline we will follow to direct us through the Event. For Phase 1, that Questline is Once Upon a Rainbow.


Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Quahog Is Live!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’re Off to see the Wizard…

Looks like the New Event has dropped itself into our silly lil games. Lions and Tigers and …. Takei?? OHHHHH MYYYY! Lol. Not really but it seemed to fit.

Stay tuned while we go through all the exciting new information, details, and Characters with There’s No Place Like Quahog!



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