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There’s No Place Like Quahog Phase 3 Is Live!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’re Off to see the Wizard… Again… WITH LUDICROUS SPEED… GO!!!

Phase 3 is now live in our silly lil games. YAY!!



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There’s No Place Like Quahog Character Questline – Tin Woodman Quagmire

Hey there you heartless bunch!!!!

Well, well, who wants to tell Quagmire there’s a new version of him in town, and this one has only gone and got himself a heart. Yes Tin Woodsman Quagmire has decided to join his Oz buddies in Quahog where all us addicts were waiting for him, oil can at the ready.

Tin Woodsman Quagmire obviously has an axe to grind with the wicked witch as he drops the resources we badly need to scare her off.

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There’s No Place Like Quahog – Once Upon A Mystery Box

It’s a mystery, oh it’s a mystery, and we’re still searching for the prize….

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any busier in our Quahog’s, another Mystery Box has been dropped upon us, guess it’s better than a house mind you. You’ll be glad to see the Once Upon A Mystery Box is packed with 8 full characters and 2 costumes, so it’s one of those times you don’t need to tap your heels together and hope you get lucky as the mystery box isn’t loaded with decorations or materials.

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There’s No Place Like Quahog Character Profile: Tin Woodman Quagmire

Greetings Munchkins!!

I’ve been feeling a bit heartless this week but seeing as you’re generally such lovely readers, I thought I’d try to be kind and get this profile up for you.

With this new There’s No Place Like Quahog event, we also get some new Characters. Like Tin Woodman Quagmire!


Let’s take a look at what Tin Woodman Quagmire can do in our silly lil games.
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Where Are You NOW? Event Poll!

Hey there Munchkins!!

Figured I would bounce on by to see just where you all are as of now in this fun lil “Oz” like Event in our games.


This information is very useful not only to Myself and the Addicts Helpers to see if there is anything else we need to focus on, but it also is information I do share with TinyCo so they can visually see as well just how the Players are getting along in the Event so far. If there are areas of improvement needed, areas working well, etc.

Take a few minutes and fill out all the information that applies to you in the Poll. I will be closing it down just after the Holiday and then will post the results later.


Just in case the information above does not work, here is the direct link to the Poll.



Fill out the Poll & Let us know!!