Where Are You NOW? Event Poll!

Hey there Munchkins!!

Figured I would bounce on by to see just where you all are as of now in this fun lil “Oz” like Event in our games.


This information is very useful not only to Myself and the Addicts Helpers to see if there is anything else we need to focus on, but it also is information I do share with TinyCo so they can visually see as well just how the Players are getting along in the Event so far. If there are areas of improvement needed, areas working well, etc.

Take a few minutes and fill out all the information that applies to you in the Poll. I will be closing it down just after the Holiday and then will post the results later.


Just in case the information above does not work, here is the direct link to the Poll.



Fill out the Poll & Let us know!!



21 responses to “Where Are You NOW? Event Poll!

  1. One thing I would add is that even though you do not have to buy them in order I’m not a fan of decor’s or non-essential buialdings being forced into purchases by being part of main quest lines. For when the building is needed for stuff for a character then fair play, but when you have to save up event currency and items to then have to use it on something you don’t need isn’t great. Not really happened this event aside from maybe the gate though


  2. What do you think/want with Christmas 2016? When do you expect it?


  3. I liked the poll except for one thing. I was filling it out on my iPad, and EVERY Tim I clicked something, it scrolled me down the page, about half-way to the bottom. Made filling in the poll a longer and more tedious task than it should’ve. But the CONTENT of the poll was great!


    • Hi Nathan, this does seem be happening with few fellow addicts, to avoid the issue rather than completing the poll embedded in the post, click the link at the bottom of the post for the poll, it will open it up in your browser to complete where the annoying jumping doesn’t happen.


  4. does tiny co usually read these polls? not starting a WTD but most people these past few polls (myself included) always seem far behind yet all new events seem to end up the same with people who play constantly falling behind. Just curious if they take that into account when thinking about future events vs just making sure people like the characters, design, etc


    • They do look at the data and many changes have come about as a result. But I think the game will always be a challenge so players will never get all the changes they’d like to see, but we are always looking and pushing for improvements


  5. A new quest just popped up called giant problems in the middle of there’s no place like home, did this happen to anyone else?


  6. Thanks to the Mystery Boxes I can count the cost of my failure to complete earlier events. First event I really, really struggled with this year – The Princess Bride event – just cost me 900 clams worth of missed characters/skins. Arg


  7. Great poll!! Best done yet!!

    Quick question: the second 180 clam mystery box, are those all characters or mostly skins?!


    • Only Medusa Meg and Nutcracker Stewie are skins. It’s a good box if you don’t have any of the characters and are a little clam rich at the moment.


      • I own none of the characters or skins, i have 275 clams and lately not getting many from the video watching.

        Is this still i good buy for me as a freemium player?


        • Well you’re not guaranteed a character as there’s 2 costumes in the box. You really need to decide if you’d be happy winning any one of them, or would you prefer to keep the clams and buy a character you really want that may appear in the coming weeks or months.


          • 180 clams for a character OR a skin is actually pretty “reasonable” compared to their usual cost. The problem I still have though is other than for a completionist mindset they’re very useless. I don’t want to make this sound like a WTD, but we already see that only early game available characters/skins are used long term for events. I understand that it’s difficult for a game of this type to have veteran events or benefits in normal events but it’s still always something on my mind when they stick premium characters in the store/boxes.


    • I agree with AKA. This Poll was written extremely well. I wasn’t irked by not having a response option available and there were checkbooks in areas radio boxes are not good. My compliments. 🙂

      I bought the Emerald Mine, Gold Scarecrow/Tin Man, Monkey Chris and Toto Brian. Normally, I’ve felt that you HAD to go full Premium in a lot of recent Events to do well and still be fighting my way up. This Event, I find myself ready for “next week” by Sunday afternoon.

      Except for that Emerald Mine (which saves so much stress), I could have passed on that other stuff and done well. Either I’m just really in tune with this Event or TinyCo is starting to tone down difficulty a tad.

      That said, these characters in Mystery Boxes that have so many repeatable unnecessary event currency…. it just needs to stop outright. I can’t spend $50 -100 Clams on a Mystery Box(which I have for Killer Croc- didn’t get him) to end up not getting Munchkin Mayor West for example. That’s just horrible. 😦

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      • Bunny is an old pro when it comes to this stuff. Well maybe not so old, lol. This poll is to gather statistics hence lot more questions and options. And the more people who are open to taking the time complete them like yourself the better. As it helps Bunny show where issues are etc. ive not bought as much premium as yourself, just Toto Brian and Flying Monkey Chrus and I’m strolling along in this event like yourself. I also won’t play roulette with the mystery boxes especially when they contain decorations or materials. Thanks for the feedback, always great to see.


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