There’s No Place Like Quahog – Once Upon A Mystery Box

It’s a mystery, oh it’s a mystery, and we’re still searching for the prize….

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any busier in our Quahog’s, another Mystery Box has been dropped upon us, guess it’s better than a house mind you. You’ll be glad to see the Once Upon A Mystery Box is packed with 8 full characters and 2 costumes, so it’s one of those times you don’t need to tap your heels together and hope you get lucky as the mystery box isn’t loaded with decorations or materials.

If you ALREADY have any of the characters you obviously won’t see them in the Mystery Box… because, because, because you already own them.

Cost ~ 180 Clam Icon clams per try

The prizes should you wish to try your luck are:


Minstrel Bruce (full character)
Medusa Meg (character costume)
Big Bad Brian (full character)
Nutcracker Stewie (character costume)
Fairy Godmother West (full character)
Cinderella Lois (full character)
Cupid (full character)
Chris the Giant (full character)
L’il Giant Chicken (full character)
Little Red Riding Hood Stewie (full character)

We can’t give you any odds on these, they really are a game of chance as to who you will get, so the decision is yours whether to risk your clams on these fellow addicts.

Did you chance your luck? Were you lucky? Did you get what you wanted? Share your luck, good or bad, in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger



11 responses to “There’s No Place Like Quahog – Once Upon A Mystery Box

  1. I’m at a dilemma with this box. I want to get it, but I also want to save my clams for the best of 2016 boxes I assume we’ll have. Let me know what you think.


    • A few of the characters in this box would possibly be in the Best of box, but we don’t know for sure if there will be one, I’d hope so.


  2. When does this release? I would love to buy a few boxes.


  3. Tried once and got the Chris the Giant. Pretty good, since I didn’t have any of them.
    Want to try it one more time, but will probably wait to see the Premium character of Week 3


  4. I’m hoping for Bertram to appear in a best of 2016 box. Missed out on the leaderboard.


  5. Just curious, what’s up with the full characters vs costumes? Most of these look like they should be costumes, skins, outfits, whatever you want to call them. Is this because people complain about all the outfits and want to fill their tan lines? Is there some general rule about when an outfit becomes a character?

    I opened the box twice. I had Medusa Meg, Lil Giant Chicken, and Cupid already. I got Chris the Giant and Nutcracker Stewie. I want to open it again, but I also want a clam deal that will actually be useful so I’m waiting it out for now.


    • i think it’s because costumes aren’t looked on or valued as much as characters and likes of Peter has so many costumes, folk just think another one isn’t exciting to work at unlocking event after event. And with Tan Lines obviously costumes can’t contribute. That’s just my take on it.


  6. Do any on these characters have drops as far as Emeralds? I have some from previous events, but have yet to check for myself. I might be interested in investing in more through the box if they are beneficial for this event.


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