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Star Trek Basics: Event Menu

Hey there Tribbles!

Are you loving this Star Trek Event as much as me? I am all sorts of giddy with excitement. Well, with every New Event comes the Event Menu. A place to go to for pretty much all your needs during an Event. A kind of “quick view” of things.

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Star Trek Is LIVE & Tiny Matt Is Here For Q&A!

Thanks to all our Amazing Readers that joined the Q&A. I love the Community involvement.

Thanks so very much to Matt @ TinyCo too for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to spend some time personally with our Amazing Readers. 

Matt has to go now and breed some more Tribbles to keep tossing into your games, but feel free to continue the discussion below and post anymore thoughts you have on the Event. 🙂

Android users: Download the 1.7.3 update from the Google Play store for bug fixes!

Hey there Trekkies!

Star Trek Teaser pic

Are you boldly going out of your mind yet? So much going on in the game, so many cool things, cool Characters, you just do not know where to look? Want a lil more help? You already know that we Addicts LOVE to help you out, but you know who else loves to as well? TinyCo!

Matt from TinyCo has graciously offered to moderate your comments on their AMAZING Star Trek Event. He will be bouncing in n out of the comments section of this post offering answers to your questions. So feel free to get your Vulcan mind meld going with him and ask away. Please keep the focus to the Event and keep with our Guidelines. 

Ready? ENGAGE!

Tribble Trouble?

K…how about now?? 😉

So here’s the work around…Tribbles will spawn on the Enterprise endlessly until next week sometime. So… grab em while you can.

For those still in Quahog and the spawn has stopped before you get Riker… please let them know.

Again, we know many of you are still saying you are stuck in Quahog. (Officer and and Idiot Part 1). A fix WAS pushed this morning so make sure your game is up to date. Try restarting your device to see if that helps. Also try tapping “Go” from the task or Riker. 


3-21 6 2PM EST: TinyCo pushed another patch. Let me know once the hour mark hits if your Tribbles are back after Part 4 of Officer and an Idiot. 🙂

Update on the update… it did not relay through as intended. Hang in there. TinyMatt and the crew are on it. They know we need these Tribbles to continue. So sorry for the hiccups. Help is still on top of it. I think the Tribbles may have got in the patch lines and chewed through. Lil brats apparently don’t want us squishing them. Lol

3-21 3 2PM EST: After sending reports last night Tribbles stopped at Officer and an Idiot Part 4, have not gotten an update on a patch as of yet. They are looking into it as it is supposed to go to Part 7. Hang in there. Will Update when I get more info back. 

Tribbles will spawn in your town during the following questlines… 
Where No Griffin Has Gone Before Part 1-4 (Quahog Only)
An Officer and an Idiot Part 1-7 (Starts in Quahog but continues in Enterprise. Quahog will stop as soon as you go to Enterprise.)

Hope this helps out now. If you do not see the change right away, wait an hour for the next spawn time as we may have JUST missed it. 😉 


FYI… TinyCo did clarify the Tribbles STOP spawning in Quahog once you collected the 35 in Part 4. Still waiting on when/if they stop on Enterprise. DON’T PANIC!!! There are other things coming to still help with Riker and the Crystals. Hang in there. 


UPDATE: Spawn on Tribbles should be resolved now. Please let us know if you run into anything else. 😉

Android users: Download the 1.7.3 update from the Google Play store for bug fixes!

Hey there Tribbles!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am having so much frakkin fun and it is only day one into this Event. This Geeky Nerd Girl is just all sorts of giddy and bouncy. (Someone send poor Alissa some meds, drinks, sweets, earplugs, rope to tie down Bunny, ummmm… Lol.)

Anywho… where was I? Oh yah, TRIBBLES!!!

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