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How To: Locate Character On Task

Hey there lil Minions!

I have to say I always LOVE the feedback we get on the “Dear TinyCo…” posts. Such amazingly great ideas from everyone. It is something I LOVE about our lil Community. Also, TinyCo REALLY enjoyed it as well. They are STILL going through all the comments. Lol. But they were very impressed with everyone to say the least.

There was one request I wanted to focus on though, something that IS already in the game (Alissa and Myself just wish it was maybe a lil more streamlined). HOW DO I FIND A CHARACTER ON A TASK?

Well, time to pull out my Geeky Nerd Girl glasses and break it on down. ūüėČ

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Valentine’s Phase 2 Results and A New Poll About Valentine’s Day Overall

Hello There Clammers!

A couple of¬†weeks I asked for your feedback on the second¬†phase of the Valentine’s Day¬†Event….Who have you unlocked? ¬†What have you purchased so far? ¬†How¬†are you enjoying the event? ¬†And, as always, you guys came through! ¬†We’ll get to those results in a minute…but first I want to get your take on the Valentine’s Day Event Overall! ¬†Who did you end up unlocking? ¬†What prizes did you win?

Please take a moment to give your feedback on the Valentine’s Day Event….


If you’re having trouble¬†completing¬†the form as it’s embedded here, try using the direct poll link here.¬†

Now let’s get to those Phase 2 Results…

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