How To: Locate Character On Task

Hey there lil Minions!

I have to say I always LOVE the feedback we get on the “Dear TinyCo…” posts. Such amazingly great ideas from everyone. It is something I LOVE about our lil Community. Also, TinyCo REALLY enjoyed it as well. They are STILL going through all the comments. Lol. But they were very impressed with everyone to say the least.

There was one request I wanted to focus on though, something that IS already in the game (Alissa and Myself just wish it was maybe a lil more streamlined). HOW DO I FIND A CHARACTER ON A TASK?

Well, time to pull out my Geeky Nerd Girl glasses and break it on down. 😉

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

You are desperate to figure out where you sent a Character away. SOOOOOO many buildings and it could take ages to tap on every single one to find them. So what do you do? No worries, here to help as usual. Let’s look at the steps to go find your Character.

Side Note: for this to work, your Character HAS to show up in FaceSpace.


This may not make sense …yet. But you will see soon enough. Just pick a spot. Any spot in your town and Zoom in as close as you can to it. The Location will not matter. Character Locator Zoomed Screen



The FaceSpace Icon is in the lower left hand corner of your game screen. Right next to your Task Menu List Icon. Tap on it to take you to the Main FaceSpace page.FaceSpace Icon



Once in FaceSpace you can scroll up and down to see all the lil Images of all the Characters. Ones you own will be fully filled in. Ones you do not own will be just a Shadow (this can also be one upcoming in the game). Find the Character Image that you want to locate in the game on tap on them. (If the one you want is just a Costume, you can also just tap on the Main Character Icon. Not the Costume.)Character Locator FaceSpace Icon Joe



Once you tapped on Character’s Image, you will be taken to their Main Profile Page. Here you can scroll through all their “posts”, see images of their other Costumes, as well as see Images of their Friends. Look up to the top Right Corner of the Screen. You will see an X. Tap on it and wait. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN.

Character Locator Joe FaceSpace



After tapping on the X in their profile, the game will exit out of it and start to search your Quahog for the Character. Do NOT touch the screen or you will have to do it all over again. HERE is where zooming in will really help. The game will hover to the area the Character is closest to. This could be on a sidewalk or in a building. The closer zoomed in you are, the smaller area you have to look at to find them. Don’t forget to look behind Buildings too.  (I know my Character Joe frequents the Clam, so it will be the most likely spot he will turn up and the first I will search.)Character Locator Drunken Clam



Now that you have narrowed the search to a small area, you can locate your Character. If there is only one Building, it is most likely they are there. If there are 3 or 4, just tap on one they’d most likely be in first then keep going til you find them. (Remember if there are a LOT of Characters inside, you will need to scroll through the entire list to find them.) For a Character Costume, you may only see their Original Character Icon in the Buildings.Character Locator Joe

Many Characters also have outside tasks and if there is a sidewalk close by, it can be very likely they are on it performing their task. So check those sidewalks too.


Now let’s take a look at same process to find Vinny.

Step 1: Character Locator Zoomed Screen

Step 2:FaceSpace Icon

Step 3:Character Locator FaceSpace Icon Vinny

Step 4:Character Locator Vinny FaceSpace

Step 5&6:Character Locator Vinny

This example my Character was on the sidewalk blending in with the rest of those wandering. You may run into this from time to time and depending on how much sidewalk you have in your town as well as how many are wandering it too. Sometimes you may have to wait just a bit or scroll around just a bit as they do move on the sidewalks and may be walking away as the screen zooms in. 


There you have it. Not the most perfect way to locate a Character on a task, but hey… at least it is something. It will be a help in the mean time until something more streamlined (if they do come up with something else) is introduced in the game.

What do you think of this method? Have you used it? Did you know it existed? Did it help you? Let us know.



57 responses to “How To: Locate Character On Task

  1. I missed characters , old items


  2. I’m trying to locate Bonnie, and when I used the facespace method, when it zooms me to a building, I click the building, and Bonnie isn’t there, I try it again, and it’ll zoom me to a different place, again, Bonnie isn’t there. So when I try making someone do an action that requires Bonnie, it says Bonnie is still busy. She isn’t in the inventory, I’ve tried moving the buildings, but to my avail, nothing, I can’t find her.


  3. Sam Livermore

    Oh! This makes me soo jealous ypu’ve got all the event/premium characters!


  4. If the FaceSpace trick takes you somewhere but you still can’t find your character and can’t bring up its progress bar because tapping just brings up the ones for the buildings- try zooming out for an overview of the town and then tap around where FaceSpace thinks your character is. You might be able to at least bring up the character’s progress bar. I had tried everything to locate Locutus, who must have been using an invisibility shield or clinging to the side of the Furniture Store because even stashing the store and other nearby buildings in inventory didn’t reveal him. But zooming out, I could easily tap on his progress bar so at least I knew he hadn’t been abducted by the Borg again. He was still sipping tea, just not moving around. Too genteel.

    Maybe we should be able to buy pagers for our characters, at least the ones who get lost easily. Or something like the Loc8tor beeper/flashing light tag attached to my most adventurous cat’s collar. Something that also lets us pull them out in the open would be nice (for the characters and the cat. Especially the cat.).


  5. Well duh. I mean who doesn’t know about this? Noobs….. Tune in again next week when I pretend to already know something else. 😉


  6. A bit off topic. But. I still have chumba wumbas wandering around in my town. Are they always going to be there? Also. My characters still have tasks to make things at the brewery. Is that always going to be like that too? I don’t really want to make anything else as I have made one of everything already.


  7. My most used characters have skins so I have just been going to al’s and clicking their first skin and it takes me to them. Now I know how to find the other characters, thanks!


  8. Interesting, but am I the only one who cant do this because I have no way to do step 2? I have no facespace button in the bottom corner. Everyone I know has it but me. Im playing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

    Id love that little button with 70/70 or whatever 😦


  9. Darn. I thought I was being clever… XD


  10. Man, What a pain in the stain.

    They need to update this ..and also not require us to keep tapping on a character icon that we have passed over when assigning quests. TSTO lets you scroll past a character and they come back around once you have cycled through everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I like the way they do it now, it’s easy and doesn’t interfere with anything else in the game. I don’t really know what you mean by streamlined, but right now it’s very simple (just three clicks and a zoom in), so I don’t think they should change it.


    • Streamlined as in I wish it would go RIGHT to the location, possibly even highlight them for you. Not all Characters show up in FaceSpace or Al’s for the shortcuts to work. So… fine tuning it would be great. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Yes I new of this way to find a character but I’m sure they’re must be an easier way to do it. Like putting some kind of sign above the building/character


  13. Thanks for the write up.
    I had actually thought “I bet I can use face space to find characters” but couldn’t figure it out until I saw the comments in the other post.
    It would be nice if face space had a status for each character “Joe is at the Clam” or “Vinny is on the streets” but this works fine.

    Thanks again for all your time and money for the site.


  14. I wish all charecters had a task to go to a town meeting I would send all my unneeded charecters there it would be sooooooooo cool

    Liked by 1 person

  15. This is most certainly better than nothing, but something simpler would be nice.

    Maybe a second icon in the top left next to the other icon. One for characters currently doing nothing, and one for characters currently on task.


  16. I figured this out ages ago!


  17. Lol okay everybody please don’t get annoyed bout this because I wasn’t sure on EXACTLY where to post this comment, but I think I’ve noticed something really important to maybe/possibly to all the players who ARE having alotta troubles with the constant CRASHING and lagging in their games: well specifically in my game seems like the crashing is much more goin on when I have ComicCon decos like for instance I’ve definitely noticed the difference when I have the Clamterprise placed in my town, the crashing and lagging is ALLL the time BUT YET when I have it in inventory, my game runs perfectly fine??!!??…idk if this is the problem or whut, but was jus seeing if anybody else noticed orrr if i’m just crazy again and overthinking anything and everything lmao!! 🙂


  18. I had noticed you telling players about this tip on various posts before but never tried it ’til just now. I was looking for the plutonium boys and it made it much easier to fetch them. Thanks Bunny. I agree that it will be better when we have a more streamlined method, but it’s definitely a good workaround in the meantime. Appreciate the tip!


  19. Thank you so much for this!

    I’ve actually been thinking about it and I think a big improvement would be to use the FaceSpace feature even more that it can maybe have a “______ is (___Action here____)” or “______ is at (_____building here_____)” and then we could click on the update to take us directly to them. It’d probably be the same amount of work, but would be a bit more obvious/intuitive and would mimic the Facebook watching/eating/playing/etc-ing feature Facebook has to go with the whole social network thing.


  20. if they have a costume i usually use the hals building, otherwise i do this also but i don’t usually zoom in


  21. okay sweeeet this is really helpful!!…i had no clue you could do it this way!!*..was it just recently added or has it been like this the whole time??* lol finding and getting new stuff in our games everyday i’m guessing yay!! ❤ 😉


  22. Super helpful Bunny! Thank you as always! There have been times I’ve given up after looking… And looking… Etc… Like you said, at least it’s something! Hopefully in the not to distant future they might add something similar to TSTO… Ko-Hogg has a city hall too! 🙂 –MuMpY–


  23. Thank you so much – very helpful as always


  24. What I want to know is how are your characters still such low levels? ex: Bitch Brian and Stewie


  25. Thanks. i have used it before. But i think i figured it out on accident. Good to let everyone know that might not know. Keep ip the god work girls.


  26. This is great info! I do wish that it was a bit easier, though. A separate, small, button on their FaceSpace profile with nothing but a reticle (crosshair) would be excellent. The button could perform all of the above functions, immediately: locate character, zoom into area, open building list (or zoom in on character walking about town). I AM glad that there is a method for doing this already, but it does seem that streamlining the process, or even adding a purpose-built function for this, would be very beneficial for the players. Thanks for the tip, Bunny!!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. I accidentally stumbled on that right after I request it on my wish list. I do wish it would highlight them, but it’s better than nothing! 😄


  28. Wow, so needed this info! Thanks for the step by step details. Great info as always!


  29. Not meaning to be rude but isn’t this just an expanded explanation of exactly what I posted in the comments of the “Dear TinyCo: I Would Really Like…..” post ( six days ago?


    • Or… and expanded explanation of MY comments as well as many other players all over the site since this option was available in the game months ago. 😉 (You weren’t the ONLY one aware of it.)

      I just wanted to make sure the NEWER players were aware of it (as I saw it all over the new post being requested) and offered a step by step instructional to show them how to. You know, just what our site does here. There is also the Al’s way of doing it (Since District 3), but this one seems more convenient.

      Why be so snippish about something that is helping others?

      Liked by 2 people

      • seriously?!..what is goin on with these rude comments in the past week?!?! LOL!!*..gotta be somethin in the water.. or air??? i have noo idea, but it’s really.. irritating! ~>:[


        • I don’t think it was “intentionally” rude. More someone who thought their idea was taken without credit. Trust me, was it new… I would be all about thanking the source. Having this be something around for… well pretty much since the game launched in a way… the info was there already. (MANY people commented they already knew on the Dear TinyCo post as well.)

          I do appreciate people providing their tips to others. That sharing with the Community is what makes this place great. Just some need to realize it may not be a new idea and may already exist here or elsewhere so they can’t get too upset when someone else has the same info too. The main thing is to get the info out so we ALL can know about it. Regardless how or when the info came about, it was still needed info and I saw that with all those comments on the post asking TinyCo to add it. 🙂


  30. moviebuff3000

    I actually accidentally stumbled upon this at one time a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since because sometimes I forget who I sent and where.


  31. This works for ALL characters, but a faster, easier method for characters that have alternate outfits is to select one of their outfits in Al’s, then tap “Use Now.” This selects the character or the building they’re in immediately.


  32. That’s very helpful, I did not know that. BUT… can we ask if one more feature can be added? Could TinyCo please consider adding a little box under the person’s “profile pic” on their actual FS page (not the landing page), that says what they are currently doing AND show the “loading bar” graphic to show how long they have left? For example; You go to Joe’s page and under his pic it says “Grabbing a Beer” and has the bar showing 58mins left? It doesn’t need to show to location (most of us know where each action happens by now), just what they’re doing ans how long they have left. I was originally hoping that the “new” character button (top left of screen – the one to give tasks) would actually display as a drop down list and next to each photo would be their current action and time remaining. I would also have preferred if this could continually re-order its self so that those with the least time remaining would be on top (down to those with most time remaining). Why? So that it might help have people finish around the same time (ie if you had to set two people on jobs; 1x 2hrs and 1x 4hrs, but get back to the game after 3hrs, how long do I put the 1st person back on a job for so they all finish at the same time. Now imagine this for 40 characters!) I’m guessing this is heavy coding and would take up a lot of device power, but it would really help!!


  33. johnnyicemaker

    Great explanation, as usual. I think this is the most effective way to find a character in the game and have been using this for some time. I just wish it was more evident while playing the game that this feature exists. I stumbled across it myself a while ago. Maybe TinyCo needs to explain this feature early on in the game play when they introduce Facespace to the players. I don’t think they need a more streamlined search feature, this works fine as long as players know about it. Besides where else in the game can you view all of your characters other than Facespace.


  34. I started using it about a week ago. I was looking for that for a while. Thanks for the post.


  35. Hi.. that’s pretty comprehensive as ever.. bravo.. If the character has a skin I go to al’s and call me up and it takes you immediately to where they are.. which does limit it to ones with skins but it’s a good one I use a fair bit during character-brain-defuddlement..


    • Both good parts…now if they can just… combine the two more. 😉


    • My method works for characters with actions that drop items. Since they are the ones I’m normally looking for, it’s the easiest for me. Just click on the item, find their action, and click go. It takes you straight to where they are.

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