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Where Did The Blimp Go? Fine Arts District Clarifications

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing by for a quick flashback as there is a specific question that seems to keep popping up in the comments in regards to the Fine Arts District and the Blimp. “Where did the Blimp go, I wasn’t done?” No worries, here to help as usual . Blimp Questline Continue reading

Star Trek Character Profile: William Riker

Hello There Space Clammers!

Star Trek has taken over Quahog!  A Starfleet Shuttle has conveniently crashed in Quahog and apparently someone decided that the future of the Galaxy should rest on Peter’s shoulders.  (cause that sounds like a smart idea!)  It’s your mission to help Peter save the Galaxy, after all it’d be a pretty boring game if he did it by himself!

Along the way you’ll encounter characters from the USS Enterprise that you’ll have to save (you know save by collecting STUFF).  The very first character you’ll encounter in the event is William Riker, the first officer of the USS Enterprise.  And not a very good pilot, since he’s the one who crashed the Shuttlecraft!

2015-03-19 17.24.32

Let’s take a look at this space player and just what happens when you unlock him in your Quahog!  Continue reading