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Star Trek Family Guy AWESOME Video

Hey there all you Tribbles!

Bouncing by here really quick to show you all a lot clearer and longer version of the video clip that was shown this last Sunday During Family Guy on FOX.

What do you think of it? Seeing more recognizable Characters? Anyone you can’t wait to get into your game?

All I can say is I am truly amazed at all the time, effort, and FRAKKIN AWESOME stuff they put into this Event. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


The Star Trek Event is LIVE!

UPDATE BUNNY 345PM EST 3-20: Android users: Download the 1.7.3 update from the Google Play store for bug fixes!

UPDATE BUNNY 645PM EST: Two things I am noticing in the game. Players without the ship in the Event Area. Patch is almost complete and should be to the games in a bit, so keep checking back. 

Next, players jumping WAY ahead and unlocking Riker before completing “Where No Griffin Has Gone Before” Part 4 to get 35 Tribbles from Quahog. This is creating a conflict due to the jump then sets the Tribble requirement to the Enterprise questline, overwriting the Quahog one. They are aware and seeing how they can better make it so those of us with itchy Fingers (yes, Alissa did this too. 😉 ) can get the Tribble quest in Quahog complete if we jumped ahead. 😉 Patch sent, let us know if the issue is resolved for you. 😉

Also, if you are getting an error mesage… check your app markets first to ensure you have the latest update to the game. 😉


Update Alissa 2pm EST: Land issue is fixed as are most issues listed below.  Be sure to update from the App Markets to the latest version…

UPDATE BUNNY: Known things TinyCo is aware of…
-Fine Arts covered in trees. 
-Can’t connect. 
-“Attempting to place unusable placeable enterpriseSkinHouse of class”
-“requesting empty assetId”

Hang in there. They’re on top of it all.

Hello There Clammers!

Are you ready to boldly go where no Clammer has gone before?!  After weeks of teasing, a few trailer videos and a bunch of sneak peeks…it’s finally time for Star Trek to arrive in Quahog! (Make sure you download the latest Version from your App Market.)

Star Trek Splash Screen

So. Much. Content!  And it’s AWESOME!


As always we’ll be back with more details as we go through them….

(Side Note: This will NOT be available on the Windows Stand Alone Version.)

Your first task will be to repair Shuttlecraft which costs $500, and takes 10 seconds..

More details below the fold…

Working to get you guys all the details ASAP…however my game server keeps dropping.  We’ll keep updating as I can get into the game Continue reading

New Star Trek Splash Screen

Hey there Trekkies!

Just bouncing by to let you all know we DID already see the Update in the App Market (Google Play on my device) and YES… I AM squealing!!!


Star Trek Splash Screen


Now before you panic… NO … there is NOT an update for the actual Event just yet, but a cool look at things to come.

Now just for fun.. Can YOU name all the Characters and their Star Trek Counterparts?


Now to let you take a peak at one of my Star Trek Collections. 😉

Star Trek