Star Trek “SPOILER CONTENT!” (Updated with a 2nd Spoiler)

Hello There Clammers!

We’ve got a fun piece of Spoiler Content for you for the upcoming Star Trek Event!  (remember the event starts March 19th)

Click below the fold for more info….

UPDATE 6pm EDT: Special second Spoiler added below…trust me you’ll want to check it out! 


Here’s an exclusive look at some content for the Star Trek Event…


This image was provided Exclusively to us by TinyCo to provide our awesome readers a sneak peek at content that is from the upcoming Star Trek Event. Looks pretty cool right?  How do you think it will come into play?

Update 6pm EDT: Special Second Spoiler

Now we’ve got another exclusive spoiler for you guys.  I was watching Family Guy last night and suddenly a commercial for TQFS came on!  Oh the benefits of watching live TV for a change.  I was stunned to see a TQFS commercial in the first place, but even more excited to see that it feature the new Star Trek Event!  How awesome is that?!

So I did what any good Addict would do…I rewinded and watched the commercial over and over again!  (oh the joys of DVR!)  And…since I know you’re all clamoring to get more information about the event…I recorded it just for you guys!  Here it is (sorry about the crummy picture, it was late and I didn’t have the time to transfer the dvr over to the computer.  I’ll try and get a cleaner one tonight):

Did that just blow your mind or what?!  Did you see all the awesome play areas and ways the characters will be using the sets?  Looks like TinyCo is going to be doing some really cool stuff with this & I love it!  Of course..this is just a commercial so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the real thing hits….

What do you think of the spoiler image from TinyCo?  What are you hoping to see in the new event?   How do you think that will be used?  What are your thoughts on the video spoiler?  How about the characters interacting with the items?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

119 responses to “Star Trek “SPOILER CONTENT!” (Updated with a 2nd Spoiler)

  1. My icon on my phone is the new star trek icon but game hasn’t changed yet? Everyone is saying the 19th which is today…it’s 7 am though wasn’t sure what time the update was going to be available. If anyone knows let me know! Thank you


    • Lol did you read that whole big thing of words above…you know the post? 😉

      Silly it says it’s not live yet. Come on you should know by now that if it was live we’d have a post up saying…it’s live! Patience 🙂


  2. I just updated my Android to the new version of Family guy. So make sure you do that, looks like a mix of Old Star Trek and Next Generation. Bummer, I was hoping they’d stick with the old one first. I’d love to have Spock, Kirk, Bones, Scotty, Uhulu and of course George Takei we already have. Looks like Lt Worf and Lavar Burton are new. Spock looks like skin for Quagmire, Kirk – Peter. Not sure who Lois and Stewie will be.


  3. So when they do event updates, it normally doesn’t hit the east coast until 1 am that “night”, technically the next day.. Unless there are issues, then it takes longer.. Should I expect this w the Trek event? Well should the entire east coast expect this lol


  4. This will be interesting….I’m more interested in Star Wars than Star Trek…oh well


  5. well, I don’t like Star Trek, but seems that George Takei and Patrick will be useful this time.
    As usual with TinyCo, I don’t trust them until the event goes live


  6. Do we know if it is all the TNG characters and if the cast is voicing them all?


  7. I want the starship enterprise!! Also hoping for most of the content to be able to be earned instead of premium. I know some content will be premium, but the characters should be able to be earned. I guess all we can do is wait and see. I have been anticipating to pay this event since it was announced.


  8. Been meaning to ask, is the futuristic looking building a pre-taste of the Star Trek event?


  9. With the Star Trek event will we have a chance to get Patrick Stewart again? Fingers crossed


  10. Omg omg omg!


  11. Bunny or Alissa, do yall know what time the Star Trek event will be on our devices on Thursday? East coast time


  12. Please give us Spock! And off topic, but could you make Cleveland not cost clams. Main characters shouldn’t be premium content.


  13. Hey everybody I’ve been watching family guy n what do u know I came across a star trek episode it’s on season seven episode 11 called not all dogs go to heaven it’s not all about star trek but it’s really funny thought I share it with everyone since the event is in a couple days

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