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New Event Teaser – Quahog’s Excellent Adventure

Woo Hoo, it looks like we’re heading on an adventure, but not just any adventure, an excellent adventure.

Lots of us have been asking TinyCo for more time travel, and it looks like we’re going to get just that with the new Quahog’s Excellent Adventure event.

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New Event Teaser & Apollo Creed Limited Time Offer

Hey Addicts, you know we should stayed in school and used our  brains, we could have been doctors, lawyers, but no instead we’re Quest For Stuffers. Should have listened to Apollo Creed when he said “be a thinker, not a stinker”. Lol.

With this event teaser we’re seeing the release of a new premium character, Apollo Creed and I think it’s safe to presume from this we’re going to be getting in the ring, I just hope the new event packs a fun punch and doesn’t get too rocky.

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Happy Easter from the Addicts!

Hello there Clammers!

Well Easter Sunday is upon us and you know what that means……CHOCOLATE!!!  Oh and in Quahog, you might see a Bunny hopping on to your screen as TinyCo are giving players another chance to purchase the Easter Bunny Peter Costume.

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New Event Teaser – Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers & Rita Repulsa Limited Time Offer

So we were all promised a surprise announcement during the recent TinyCo Live Q&A, (more on that in a later post), and the big surprise was, well just to tell us what the next event would be, not the end of the game like some had predicted. Although by the reaction to the news that the next event will be a link up with the new Power Rangers movie you’d thought the end was nigh but hey let’s reserve judgement as who knows what the Kaiju Convention will bring to our towns.

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New Event Teaser – Undercover Gigg-Olo

For a minute I thought TinyCo had lost their minds and had decided to bring Elton John into our games, but then I put on my not so big glasses and realised what I was seeing was just little ole Pimp Stewie.

Yes, it looks like our Valentine Gift from TinyCo has arrived, and rather than give us chocolates and flowers, they’ve chosen to tease us with a little glimpse into the future and a discount on a new premium character costume.

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New Event Teaser – Quahog’s Not-So-Silent Night

Update 30/11: Christmas Event will not start until 12/1, so gives us a bit time clear down some Questlines. 

Update 11/30: Android users please DON’T upgrade to Version 1.33.4 at this time as there is an issue causing players to be locked out of their games.

Jingle Bells, Peter smells, Lois ran away…. Oh sorry I didn’t see you reading there.

So it’s beginning to look a lot like (the) Christmas event will drop tomorrow night sometime, as TinyCo have released a little teaser.

Ho ho ho! Our holiday event, Quahog’s Not-So-Silent Night, will be available to play tomorrow!

“Chris’ dreams become the stuff of Quahog’s nightmares when Stewie’s malfunctioning Dream Machine brings to life the Christmas gifts that Chris is dreaming of, some showing up in the guise of the Griffin family and friends!

Will the Christmas Morning Peter of Chris’ nightmares steal all of the gifts? Will Q*bert and PAC-MAN take over the town? And how will Stewie and Brian deal with this plight before Christmas? Play “Quahog’s Not-So-Silent Night” to find out”.

~ Russian Tigger

New Event Teaser! – There’s No Place Like Quahog

Woo Hoo, it looks like we’re heading over the rainbow.

A while ago I wished upon a star for a Wizard of Oz event.  It didn’t happen. So I then went and planned my own Oz-some event for an Addicts contest, you can read all about it HERE.

But now my ruby slippers are tap, tap, tapping as I keep repeating to myself, There’s no Place Like Quahog whilst excitedly wondering if my beloved Oz will ever be the same. Fancy joining me on the yellow brick road to find out?

Yes? Ok, sing it with me, We’re off to see the……


As per TinyCo: Follow the yellow brick road! Our Wizard of Oz event, “There’s No Place Like Quahog”, will begin on Wednesday, November 9! 

~ Russian Tigger

ChickenDeco Error Update


The following information is a direct statement from TinyCo:

We recently released an official statement on Reddit about the chickenDeco error. It can be found at this link:

TinyCo statement – LINK

The latest Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff updated included a fix for the recent ChickenDeco load error to allow players to load their games. Players who have been affected by this error will now be able to access their game, but may find that their towns are not what they remember. This is due to that fact that those games have been altered by an unauthorized 3rd party. We are continuing to looking into how we can further resolve this.

If you’re affected please send all questions related to the error and now “changed game” to TinyCo.

How to contact TinyCo – MORE HERE

Thanks ~ Russian Tigger

New Event Teaser!

OMG!!! The truth is out there and it’s coming to Quahog.

Take a peek at the image below (TinyCo Image had to be removed…see Bunny’s info below and the silly Addicts Image Bunny added instead… for fun) to get an idea of what’s hitting our games on Thursday 29th September 2016.

Side Note Bunny: So sorry all, I am taking the Teaser down for a bit. It was released too soon and I don’t want to violate Copyright/Legalities. Once it is released “Officially”, we will update you. For now, at least we got an AWESOME taste of what’s possibly to come!!!!! 🙂

FYI… The image below is an ADDICTS Image of my “Bunny” Stuffed Animal. It is not from TinyCo. I just put it in here so there is at least an Image to see to get you in the Halloween mood. Lol. 

Halloween Addicts Image Stuffed Bunny

New Event Teaser!

Ahoy there  Me Hearties

Just as we prepare to say Goodbye to Truth, Justice and the Quahog Way, TinyCo has teased us with a little glimpse of what’s coming next.

And Shiver Me Timbers if it isn’t a pirate event. So it looks like we’ll be taking to the High Seas on 1st September as Peter’s Booty Haul comes to our games.

Take a peek at the image below to get an idea of what’s hitting our games on the 1st September.


Booty Haul splash screen