News Stand Announcement – Quahog Historical Society

If you look you’ll find 11 new ranks added to QHS, made up of 44 returning characters and costumes.


5 responses to “News Stand Announcement – Quahog Historical Society

  1. The new “upgrade” has apparently STOLEN characters from me. For example I can now earn Detective Scrotes who I already owned. I noticed that I was only sending 442 characters when I was previously sending over 500 – so 60+ characters are missing. Considering that players may have spent clams to earn some characters, this is a criminal mistake.
    The original Quahog Society let you see ALL characters, costumes, and sets. the redesign is flawed to only show sets so I can’t even account fully for what I have lost. (and they should create the 4th tab yo show all characters and costumes)


  2. Is there an update as to how much each of these new characters will cost?


  3. I hope that they’ll eventually put in the characters which disappeared from my collection.


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