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Telenovela Weekend is Here!

Update 3/13 9pm EDT: TinyCo has made a couple of adjustments in the game tonight.  They’ve completely removed the clock feature from the stick…so now you must earn Blindfolds to make it work.  However, they’ve added a task for Seamus (Sing Shanties) to also help earn Blindfolds (so now you have Peter, Bruce, Mort, Herbert AND Seamus that can help earn Blindfolds).  

The timer is NOT coming back.  The 4hr task replaces the timer (as they all take the same amount of time).

In addition they’ve added a task for Conseula to drop Cowboy Hats (6hrs, Clean the Town)

Also…as a side note for those struggling with Plutonium.  They’ve added a task for Tricia and Connie to help earn more Plutonium

There currently is a known issue with the bat timer and it not counting down properly.  So if you’re experiencing it, know that you’re not the only one.  The best thing to do is to contact TinyCo via your game and let them know you’re impacted too.  The more players that report it the quicker they’ll be able to determine what’s causing it.  

Hello There Clammers!

Well the weekend looms large and you know what that means?  No, not time to break out the Bunny Water (although it is almost St. Pats!).  Nope it’s time for another TQFS Weekend Event!

What’s in store for us this time?  Well in case you didn’t get it from the title of this post….it’s Telenovela Weekend in Quahog!  So what does this mean for you???  Well….the long awaited arrival of Soap Opera Peter!

2015-03-13 16.35.02

As always we’ll be back with more details as we go through them….for now know that the event ends on Wednesday March 18th (3pm PDT) so you have until then to unlock Soap Opera Peter or he’ll disappear from the game…oh and, as usual, you must be at least District 3 for the event to hit your game.  (as if you newbies needed more motivation to find Lois in your new Quahog!)

Note: Sorry to our Windows friends….sadly this update will not be hitting your devices….

Back with more in a bit!

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