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Telenovela Weekend Issues & Clarifications

Hey there Minions!

We see a lot of you have some concerns with the Telenovela Weekend Event. Sit tight, as usual we are here helping. I have only been a bit silent as I have been looking into all the issues and concerns you are expressing and sharing them all with TinyCo.

I have compiled a list of the main ones and highlighted them below. Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch Continue reading

Ultimate Pi Day (Contest Alert)

Have you checked out the date today?!  Today just so happens to be 3-14 or in the  world of Geeks, Pi Day. As 3.14 is the short short short version for the symbol Pi. (Click here for more info on Pi.) Not to mention one of the Geeks of ALL Geeks, Albert Einstein, just so happens to have his birthday fall on 3-14. Seriously! It is quite a celebrated day. The College Kids at Princeton REALLY get into it each year. Just check this out.

As if Pi Day wasn’t enough..today is ULTIMATE Pi Day…go ahead start geeking out!  Just what is Ultimate Pi Day?  At exactly 9:26:53 am this morning it will be 3.141592653 the EXACT starting sequence of Pi…AND for a brief moment between 9:26:53 am and 9:26:54 am that the clock will match Pi down to an infinite number of digits…pretty cool huh?  Enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t happen again for another century!

So just why are we sharing all of this with you?  Because when we think of Pi Day…we think of PIE!!  So in honor of all the geeky nerds, nerdy geeks, and all in between…WE ARE GIVING AWAY PIE. WOOHOO!! Mmmmmmmmm PIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!

Because “It’s a Wonderful Day for Pie”…


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