Daily Archives: March 11, 2015

LAST CHANCE Cutaway Weekend Items!

Hey there Clammers!

The fun lil items TinyCo dropped over the weekend will be leaving our silly lil games later today. These Limited Time Items will stay until 3PM PDT (PDT as Daylight Savings will have set in for many.) So if you were waiting to decide, make sure you make your choice BEFORE time runs out today and they are gone. Other Right Shark Cutaway Weekend End Time DateIn order to see this content, you will need to have District 3 unlocked. FYI, players on the Windows Stand Alone Version… the Weekend Items will not be available to you. In order to see the Event, you will need to be playing on the full Mobile Version of the App. 

Side Note: Yes we are aware that Apple Market is broken. TinyCo is well aware too. Nothing can be done at this point as it is all in the hands of Apple, so hang in there while we ALL play the waiting game on them. 😉 

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