LAST CHANCE Cutaway Weekend Items!

Hey there Clammers!

The fun lil items TinyCo dropped over the weekend will be leaving our silly lil games later today. These Limited Time Items will stay until 3PM PDT (PDT as Daylight Savings will have set in for many.) So if you were waiting to decide, make sure you make your choice BEFORE time runs out today and they are gone. Other Right Shark Cutaway Weekend End Time DateIn order to see this content, you will need to have District 3 unlocked. FYI, players on the Windows Stand Alone Version… the Weekend Items will not be available to you. In order to see the Event, you will need to be playing on the full Mobile Version of the App. 

Side Note: Yes we are aware that Apple Market is broken. TinyCo is well aware too. Nothing can be done at this point as it is all in the hands of Apple, so hang in there while we ALL play the waiting game on them. 😉 

Here is a recap of all the items you can pick up from this Limited Time Weekend Sale…


Jim's BankJim’s Bank: $3000. 6hr Build Time. Pays Out $60 & 40XP every 12hrs.



O'Connor the Traffic CopO’Connor the Traffic Cop: $5000, no animation

Other-Right Shark Other-Right Shark 2Other-Right Shark: 25 Clams, animated.

Suds n Duds 2 Suds n DudsSuds ‘n Duds: 20 Clams, animated. Comes with a mini questline.

Boppo the Clown 2Boppo the ClownBoppo the Clown: 75 Clams, animated. Comes with a mini questline.

Iraq LobsterIraq Lobster 2Iraq Lobster: 95 Clams, animated. Comes with a mini questline.



Once you completed the questline Getting a Good Buzz Part 3, you will see another Decoration unlock for Purchase in your Shopping Cart Menu. Gettting a Good Buzz Part 3

Lincoln-san 2 Lincoln-sanLincoln-san: $7500, animated.



If you want to spend 195 your Precious Clams on a package deal, there is also the option to purchase Suds ‘n Duds, Boppo the Clown, & Iraq Lobster. If you purchase all 3, you will get the MegCopter for Free.Daily Shipoopi Starring Peter Griffin

MegCopter 2MegCopterMegCopter (Decoration). Animated.

MegCopter Cutaway Weekend Special


There you have it. The Items that will be leaving our game this afternoon. Just make sure you choose wisely. The choice is ALWAYS yours whether or not you spend your Clams on an item. Do what makes YOU happy. What YOU will still want 3 months from now. Either way, you have til 3PM PDT to decide.

Did you pick up any of these items? Anything particular you wish they did differently with them? Any suggestions? Let us know.


22 responses to “LAST CHANCE Cutaway Weekend Items!

  1. I could be wrong, but it looks like the questlines also disappeared (I don’t think I was done them all). That’s a bit disappointing. There’s no reason for the questlines to have to go unfinished once you’ve got the characters.


    • Pretty typical for these events, once they end TC usually pulls the questline as well.


      • I understand it’s typical; I just think it’s silly. There’s no benefit to anyone. It means if I’m on vacation for a week or something and I get back the last day of the event, If PAY to buy the item, I don’t get to enjoy the questline attached, so I get less value than someone who bought it the first day for the same price.


  2. They don’t do quests with decos. Not yet anyway.


  3. yuuuusssshhhh!!* Lmao I managed to get the other-right shark because I wanted him soooo bad and his halftime performance STILL cracks me up hahaa,.plus I have him standing in the Griffins front yard so whenever Carl is standing there also,looks to me as if the shark wants to definitely eat him for not giving me videos for FREE clams!!*_ 😉


  4. RainingBranden

    I’ve always been a crazy fan of collecting things, and after getting every single character and costume I’ve now started buying premium buildings and decos… so I’ll admit I bought everything in this event XD


  5. They did it again!! EEERRRHH.
    Paid all those clams for these 3 silly things and once again they ripped the questlines out from underneath me before I could finish. Some things never change.


    • The questlines were just one part. Nothing too much to really go on at all.


      • STOP IT Bunny…. I wanna be mad…lol. Can’t do that with you calmin me down and and bein all Bunny like…
        Pickin , no your great.


        • Grrrrr RAAWWWWWWWRRRR ***kicks rocks and throws dirt clods***

          Better? 😉


          • Are you kidding? YES I am better. Because of you of course, but wow listen up people. I give credit where its due, and by golly TINY CO…tonight you rock in my books. I wrote them in game… not only did they respond within like an hr, lol, they listened, understood and made themselves look very professional in the process. Totally redeemed, although, its the positive changes I really wanna see, not just the placation of loudmouths like myself, lol. They frustrate the heck outta me sometimes, because they don’t live up to the potential that they are capable of.. but they are getting better everyday, and I for one will keep playing this game as long as my crappy outdated phone will let me.
            THANK YOU TINY CO!!!!!!


  6. As a freemium player I recently realized that premium decks add more to me and my game than premium characters. I almost bought Buzz, I am glad I didn’t. So I considered buying Iraq Lobster but 95 clams was a little more than I wanted to spend. Suds n Duds though was a bargain, I probably would have bought a couple more if TC let us buy multiples.


  7. Any word on a St.patricks day event ?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I wonder if they will quit family guy the quest for stuff. They took it off the app market. I will be really sad if they quit it forever.😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥


  9. Well I got them all, and was actually expecting maybe a mini questline with Lincoln-San


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