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Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

I decided to jump in here as tensions seem to be hitting an all time high in the game. So I am offering some helpful advise and try and refocus the concerns of what is going on in the game. So hang tight with me. 😉

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Star Trek Enterprise: Where Are YOU In The Game?

Hey there all you Tribblemakers!

Phase 2 was launched into the game and along with it some really cool items. However, it seems some glowy blue Transporter Energy Balls and Bars of Chocolate are bringing more sadness than happiness to the masses. It seems some changes hit yesterday here and there to the combinations of Characters getting Materials. So, once again, bouncing on in here because I want to know where YOU are in the game?

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Quick Task: Away We Go

UPDATE: TinyCo has verified that Frame of Mind Part 5 is when this will trigger.

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Sorry for the delay on this one, been curled up in a corner on meds trying to make it until my flight out in a few hours.

Once you go aboard the Enterprise (as this wouldn’t trigger for me in Quahog), you will be prompted by Peter for a mini quest titled “Away We Go”. THIS IS A TIMED QUEST! (I am still verifying if there is a trigger. I had just passed Frame of Mind Part 6 & 7 in my game.)Away We Go

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