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Candy Men: Characters That Drop Stuff

****Note from Bunny: Sorry guys, ran into something last night and didn’t get to post this. More coming today and next few days. Thanks to the Addicts Helpers too. I really appreciate all the help. 🙂

Thanks to Lotty for putting this together for you all!!! 🙂

Hi, sweeties!

Candy Men is now live in our games and some MORE characters are getting tasks to help get STUFF for your games! So let’s try and keep track of them here 🙂

   Milk Chocolate Bar Peanut  Soda Pop

A few characters in Quahog have tasks to help you earn stuff for Blueberry Peter and soda pop and candy bars … and of course you want to know which ones earn what, how often & how many. So…without further ado let’s cover the who, what, where, when and how of Candy Men tasks to earn you more stuff! Continue reading

Death at the Drive-In 101: Concession Stand Exchanges Part 2

Hey there Slashers!

Many times with the New Events I see PANIC. Mostly due to everything is new and no one knows just yet how to get the hang of what is going on. Well, just as usual, here to help in anyway I can with some Basic 101 and detailed breakdown of HOW TO on the aspects of the Game Play.

For this post, I will be diving into what I am seeing in MY Game when it comes to those Concession Stand Exchanges During Phase 5 of the Event.

Concession Stand Continue reading

Star Trek Enterprise: Where Are YOU In The Game?

Hey there all you Tribblemakers!

Phase 2 was launched into the game and along with it some really cool items. However, it seems some glowy blue Transporter Energy Balls and Bars of Chocolate are bringing more sadness than happiness to the masses. It seems some changes hit yesterday here and there to the combinations of Characters getting Materials. So, once again, bouncing on in here because I want to know where YOU are in the game?

Transporter Energy Chocolate Bar Continue reading