Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

I decided to jump in here as tensions seem to be hitting an all time high in the game. So I am offering some helpful advise and try and refocus the concerns of what is going on in the game. So hang tight with me. 😉

Transporter EnergyTransporter EnergyTransporter EnergyTransporter Energy

Let’s just jump right into it. Transporter Energy. Most are struggling to gain it. Many are getting upset at it. I am here asking that you just take a step back from the game for a minute, take a breather, and let’s take a look at the Event itself.

Deanna Troi is one of many Characters available to unlock in the game. In usual Addicts fashion, many are desperate to get her NOW NOW NOW! I feel this may be causing a bit more stress than necessary on some of the most avid Addicts players. I am here to tell you it is OK. Don’t stress. She is supposed to take time to unlock.

I will put this into a little more perspective. This Event is a long one. Due to that, there are many factors throughout the game that WILL take time to get to. It is pretty much how most the Events go. We are only rounding in our 2nd week of the Event with a LOT more to come. There are still 30 days left in the Event. Again, 30 days. That is an ENTIRE month of time to do so many things. There are only 3 more areas on the Enterprise left and still 4+ weeks to get to them. That is a LOT of time.Star Trek Timer

Every Event I sit back and see the same thing… Excitement as the new stuff hits… a bit of confusion as you learn what needs to be done… Panic in the beginning with thoughts of giving up when there is still so much more to come… LOTS of comments at the end stating they gave you TOO much and now you don’t know what to do with it. Lol. It’s why I love and adore y’all. Grumpy and yelling or not.

Short story long, DON’T PANIC! Don’t give up! Hang in there. This is the way it ALWAYS goes. For reals. Slow going at first, more things added, picks up in the middle, big finish at the end. Every Event.

As usual they ARE watching, they DO listen, things will ALWAYS come to help as the game progresses. It is what we have come to known. It is the mechanics of the game. So please hang in there. We are listening and watching too and conveying our thoughts to them from our point of view as we are playing the game right along with you. You can always share yours as well via email or in game messaging. Every suggestion may not get a response, but they do see them.

As Commander Taggart would say, “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!” Oh wait, that’s the wrong parody. 😉


437 responses to “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

  1. Oh My God, I just got my first set of chocolate from the away party thing, and I feel epic. Progress at last.


  2. I’m not a Star Trek fan, but my hate for this event has nothing to do with that fact. It’s more because I play daily, multiple times, and am still not even close to where I should be. The drop rates are horrible for pretty much everything that’s not premium. I’ve bought my fair share of premium items in events past, but can’t afford to buy everything needed. I usually need a little luck. But this event seems to almost require premium item help to experience everything TinyCo has planned. That’s unfortunate.


    • I agree. I feel like these events are designed to get you all hyped and into it just to be out of your reach. It’s frustrating especially when you play everyday multiple times a day.


      • Yeah, I just yesterday got vulcan quagmire and crusher. I will not task any of my characters to attack Bertram. The last remaining character I am trying to get is Stewie. I didn’t buy Q, I Didn’t buy Spock, not spending a single clam on anymore characters. I am really just passing time until this event is over.


  3. Really bummed i can’t get chocolates. They definitely increased the drop rate for TE but it doesn’t help if the chocolate doesn’t drop. All I get is coins, and I’m already getting tons of those. I’m working on Locotus & Starfleet Lois, and have gotten everything else I need for Troi but still at 0 chocolate 😦


  4. Two rec rooms and nothing. I think i made 2 all day from every character i could put on the job. Is there something wrong with the rec rooms.


  5. Transporter energy issue is making me wanna throw my phone through the window

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  6. Terrible drop rates on chocolate !!! 🍫

    Yes twice now I’ve dropped a bit of Easter egg …… don’t want it melting on my trousers (USA pants) 👖


    • Totally agree!! 5 trips 0 chocolates!! Now introduce borgs but unless you buy a premium or somehow get chocolates you have to wait til next warp upgrade, then to unlock quagmire!! Hope he doesnt need chocolates or we r all screwed! This is a serious disaster so far!! 40+ characters useless!


  7. Drop rates are ridiculously low, I have a ton of characters that are drop nothing and are more or less useless at this point and Mr. Herbert sharing a drop from the brewery quest…really? I don’t need my 200th bottle of beer…can we please put some use into the other characters if you are going to make the drop rates so low and the items required so high? Very frustrating and seems to be more and more driven by making me buy clams to get anything done…..that’s how good games lose dedicated players.


  8. I can’t get enough of the dang energy. only been able to send them on two missions and zero chocolate. I’m tempted to say screw her…


  9. Hi Bunny,
    Tinyco have provided this great game which most players enjoy at no cost. Maybe those many frustrated complainers should put their hands in their pockets, buy some clams and make a purchase to speed up transporter crystal totals. If not, stop complaining.


  10. I’m only averaging about one transporter crystal drop a day despite doubling up on rooms and using Mort / Peter full time on this. I had everything for Deanna except chocolate days ago. I only need four more but I currently have zero transporter crystals with no drops since yesterday. At this rate it will be at least five days before I can even try again for chocolate let alone build the klingon temple.

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  11. I’m over trying to earn chocolate at this point. I’m trying to focus on getting life support energy so I can get the ridiculous amount of 25 to get the next area unlocked after the warp core is upgraded.


  12. Is it really worth the 25 clams to buy the 3rd planet to visit?


    • I like it as it takes less Energy and just the Dilithium payout alone is awesome. But it is all on what YOU need in your game. More options will be coming soon probably with the next release, so you can wait and see.


  13. Usually not one to complain but my luck is horrible. I finally got 6 of the transporter energy and sent Chris, Geordi, and Peter to the planet that gives u chocolate. The chance for chocolate was likely so I was pretty pumped. I wait the 8 hours, and once it’s done, NO CHOCOLATE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    Eh whatever. Just gotta keep on trying.

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    • Peter decreases your chances of chocolate. Don’t send him. The best chance of getting chocolate is by sending Geordi, Chris and Worf. If you don’t have Worf, send just Geordi and Chris. Leave Peter back at the enterprise getting you more transporter energy.


      • 4 trips with just Chris & Geordi, 2 with Chris, Geordie & Peter…. Zero Chocolate! Maybe its time to surrender!!


        • 7th trip done to Iota! Still zero chocolate! Last mission, Chocolate was “likely”, greencubes ” unlikely”…. greebcubes received! Yet again!


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